Work from Home Data Entry Jobs

Part Time JobsIn my 14 year’s practice of online work, I met many people searching about “Work from Home Data Entry Jobs” without identifying what is legitimate and what is unlawful. I found them just focusing their excitements “they are going to do work on their home computer” but unfortunately most of them have been scammed. Visit the related link IT Job Opportunities in Dubai for Pakistani 


Wapda Jobs in Pakistan

Work from Home Data Entry Jobs

Under the shelter of term “Data Entry Work from Home” ad posting, pay per click (PPC site), pay through click (PTC sites), Hyips, investments and so many other online proms are being carried on fake grounds not only in big cities but also in small towns of Pakistan.

Work from Home Data Entry Jobs

How To Get Data Entry Jobs without Registration Fee 
Work with Google & Earn Unlimited 
Make $1000 By Investing Just $100 

I feel it need of the time to aware the innocent people, please if you want to join online work, spare few minutes to verify the work is legitimate you are going to do. Now the question rises what are the basic parameters for users to check, the work is legitimate or fake. Reviewing the following steps definitely lead you to a right destination.

Alexa Ranking

Mostly people believe on alexa ranking to determine the website’s legitimacy. There are numerous shortcuts to increase the alexa ranking for any website, so I strongly recommended, do never believe just on alexa ranking.

Attractive Packages

Mostly fake companies use to offering highly attractive financial packages to the users. Keep in mind; internet is not an auto machine to generate dollars. Any un-natural package can be strongly expected fake.

Registration Fees

Any person/website who is asking to deposit some registration fees for data entry, ad posting and so many other package that will be obviously fake.

How to Check Legitimacy?

Here I am recommending you a very valuing trick to check the website’s legitimacy. First of all go at any domain checking website like, etc and check who is the registrant of the domain. Mostly fake date entry work provider companies have locked their status there, if so, that company is 99.99% fake. If you find the status providing registrant information then try to verify these information. If the information are same as on data entry website, that is good sign. However you would have to go one step more, try to verify all contacts available on data entry website by making telephonic call or any other voice communication.

    • MahrKids
      • Ahmad Raza
        • MahrKids
          • shabnam
      • ismail
        • MahrKids
          • tania
          • shoaib
          • Ali
      • fazal ilahi``
      • Zubair Alam
        • MahrKids
          • ayesha
          • muhammad adnan
          • Mukesh Kumar
          • Wasim Asghar
          • mahar yousaf
      • abdul wahab
      • Fahad Nizami
      • yasir abbas
      • maha
      • farmanullah
        • MahrKids
      • naila anjum
      • Ammar Haider
      • MahrKids
        • Nadeem Shah
        • imad khan
      • Saaad Tariq
      • Safdar Ali
      • mohammad tahir
      • fida hussain
      • Ahmed Raza
      • Anjum Raza
      • Haroon Rasheed
      • m yasin saleem
      • mohsin ali
      • ali khan
      • saim
    • Azizullah khan
    • MahrKids
  1. tania
  2. Ghazala khan
    • MahrKids
  3. atif aman
    • MahrKids
    • Ans
  4. Farooq Hanif
  5. mohsin kamboh
    • Muhammad Riaz
  6. saqib mehmood
  7. saqib mehmood
  8. Myhammad Nawaz
  9. Farooq Hanif
  10. Anas
  11. muhammad irfan hussain
  13. Danyal Khan
  14. jamil
  15. Saeed Ahmad
    • MahrKids
      • ghullamasgharkhoso
  16. noor
  17. Muhammad
  18. Sultan Naeem Shaker
    • MahrKids
  19. Muhammad Aqeel
  20. M Rashid zia
  21. muaaz
  22. muhammad luqman
  23. Abdulazizparacha
  24. Danishasghar
  25. Safdar Ali
    • Muhammad Wali
  26. Safdar Ali
  27. Muhammad Jamil Awan
  28. Muhammad Wali
  29. Fakhar Ahmed
  30. Ali
  31. Sher Ali
  32. khush Bakht
  33. umer
  34. Naveed Shah
  35. BialAli
  36. sajid ali
  37. Muaaz
  38. Azeem
  39. Hafeez
  40. haseeb
  41. Hussnain Raza
  42. hamza shaheen
  43. masood
  44. Faizan Irshad
  45. muhammad tanveer
  46. Bilal Hasan
  48. GOHAR
  49. Ghafoor Masih
  50. Muhammad Rashid
  51. Muhammad Waqas
  52. wasif
  53. Imran khan
    • Imran khan
  54. adeel iqbal
  55. Salmankhan
  56. Shah Hussain
  57. Ehsan
  58. irfan haider
  59. Khurram Shahzda
  60. Nasir Irfan
  61. waqar manzoor
  62. Hamza Siddiqui
  63. Asad Ali
  65. babloo rai
  66. TUFAIL
  67. Muhammad Wajid
  68. Adil Maroof
  69. Syed Waris Hussain
  70. Muhammad Sarwar
  71. Ahsan Ul Haq

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