Why Mecca Is Important For Muslims

Why Mecca Is Important For MuslimsWhy Mecca Is Important For Muslims

Every Muslim knows that Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia. It is the most important place for all Muslims in the whole world for many reasons like Mecca is the oldest religious place for Muslims. Secondly, Mecca is the birth place of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Thirdly, Muslims perform Hajj in Mecca. Lastly, Mecca is the place of first revelation of Holy Quran. We can say that Mecca was the birth place of Islam, that’s why Mecca is important for Muslims of the whole world. It was the first place where Holy Quran was revealed. Moreover, Mecca is also the home of Al Haram Masjid.

Mecca Is An Important City Because It Has Khana Kaba
Now the question is that why Mecca is famous as an important city for Muslims? Well, we would like to mention that Mecca is an important city because it has khana kaba. Basically, Khana Kaba is a mosque and it is built around the black stone. Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) announced Mecca as the holy city of Islam. It is strongly believed that Khana Kaba is considered to be the first place that was created on Earth. Each year, millions of Muslims from all over the world reach Khana Kaba for performing Hajj. We would like to mention that the importance of Khana Kaba for Muslims in the whole world is inestimable. Apart from Khana Kaba, Mecca is also an important city for Muslims because the holiest mosque Masjid Al Haram also located in this city. Why Mecca is important for Muslims, simple it can be explain by saying Mecca is important due to the existence of first holiest place, Khana Kaab.

Khana Kaba The Muslims Holiest Place On The Earth
As we mentioned above that Khana Kaba is the most sacred city for all the Muslims on the Earth. It is first holiest place on the earth for Muslims. Muslims worship this Holiest place to obey the God, and this is the very first reason why the Mecca is important for Muslims. Khana Kaba is situated in the center of Masjid Al Haram in Makkah. Basically, Khana Kaba is the cubical building and a great and beautiful mosque built around it. For our readers, we want to mention that Khana Kaba has three pillars and two roofs. The inside of Khana Kaba has been built by expensive marble stones. The height of Khana Kaba is 14 meters and it is covered by beautiful black silk curtains.

Khana Kaba The Muslims Holiest Place On The EarthKhana Kaba The Muslims Holiest Place On The Earth


Mecca Before And After Islam
Now we would like to discuss the history of Mecca before and after Islam. Before Islam the tribes of the Mecca were in idolatry and Khana Kaba was places by 360 idols by having different names. The main guardian of these idols was the tribe “Quraysh” They did never know the Allah. They worshiped only their self-made God “idols” classified in different names. In 6th century, history of Mecca turned to change when the Islam started.

Mecca Before And After Islam, Earth MapMecca Before And After Islam, Earth Map

We would like to mention that Islamic traditions completely started from Mecca. In the 5th century, Khana Kaba was the place of worship for Arabia pagan tribes. In the 5th century, Quraysh took completely control of Mecca and then became traders. In 571, Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) was born in Mecca. In 628, Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) and his Muslim followers wanted to enter Mecca for performing pilgrimage but all of them blocked by Quraysh. During the struggle of 10 years, Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) surrendered Mecca and announced peace and amnesty for its inhabitants. In 632, Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) died. After his death, the Islamic empire grew and Mecca as a holy city continued to attract millions of Muslims from all over the world. We would like to mention that Mecca also attracted thousands of scholars and Muslims who want to live close to Mecca and also those local residents who want to serve the pilgrims.

In the final conclusion, we can say that without any doubt Mecca is the most important holy city for Muslims for performing Hajj. The existence of Khana kaba (Qibla) makes the Mecca most important for Muslims around the world.

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