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The purpose of this article is to give whale fish information for kids as well as to provide the pictures of whale fish. This informative article about the whale fish is written especially for kids so that they can easily understand what whale fish is.

Whale Fish Information For Kids & PicturesWhale Fish Information For Kids & Pictures

Whale is a common name of different marine mammals found in the sea. Sperm whale, pilot whale, killer whale, blue whale, humpback whale, beluga whale and bowhead whale are the well known sub name of “whale” terminology. It may 3.5 meter to 30 meter long in size vary whale to whale. Existence of whale fish on the earth is not today’s topic, this has a long history of existence. Millions of years ago whale was found in the depth of deep waters.

25 Whale Fish Facts and Habits
To get quick understanding about the whale fish facts, habits and other related information 25 points are given below which will surely help the kids to pick up the exact lesson and understanding.

  • Whale fish is marine mammals and lives in deep waters.
  • Whale fish owns a heavy physic, May up to 30 meter longs and minimum length may be 3.5 meter long.
  • Fish take breath in the water, out of water they cannot survive. But the Whale’s story is different. Whale takes the Oxygen from open air. They jump out the water and catch fresh air to breath. They fill up the blowhole on their head by fresh air and then dip in the water and so on.
  •  Whale is the biggest animal found in the ocean.
  • Blue whale may have its weight up to 150 tones.
  • Whale fish likes to live in warm water. In winters whale usually migrates to the warm waters.
  • According to the latest research information, a whale fish can swim speedy more than a ship. Whale can move more than 40 km per hour speed. So whales migrate to other locations very soon when they feel cool in the sea.
  • During travel or migration, habitually whale fish do not take food.
  • Few stories are attached with baleen whales, they sing.
  • Amazing information about the whale fish is that, they do not sleep like us. They sleep with half brain and half brain remain active to secure their self from drown away.
  • Habitually whales are noisy. Usually they squeak, groan and sigh to communicate each other. Their habit creates a big noise and sound under the water. Sound can be heard up to meters.
  • Whales swim in the water by using their tails. They have no legs but have flippers which help the whale to move and turn left and right.
  •  Factual information about the whale is, male whale are bigger than female whale. Normally male whale is stronger than female whale.
  • According to scientific research report of whale fish facts and habits information, a whale may have average age of 35 years.
  • Whale fish eats the small animals under the water.
  • Whale fish like to live in groups.
  • Reproduction system between whales is very interesting. Male whale is called “Bull”, female whale is called “cow” and reproduced soul is called “calf”. Cow whale normally mature to the age of reproduction at seven to ten years. Female cow whale delivers a single calf and take him under sudden care to minimize the risk of drowning away. She actively squirts the milk in the mouth of new born calf; this feed is so rich in fat and minerals it makes stronger the calf.
  • Whale fish is likely to jump up on the surface of water level again and again. It makes the whale happy and warm up.
  • Whale fish owns creditability of highly discussed sea animals. The famous novel writer Herman Melville has written a great novel “Moby Dick” in 1851which remained fame in the whole past times till to now.


After productive discussion about the whale fish information, facts and habits for kids, now come to review the pictures of whale fish to aware the kids what and how many shapes whale fish have.

Whale Fish Facts, Information, Pictures and Wallpapers for Kids (2)Whale Fish Facts, Information, Pictures
and Wallpapers for Kids

Whale Fish Pictures
Post includes 25 pictures of whale fish for the well explanation to kids. I would like to provide the whale fish pictures so that kids can know what and how many shapes whale fish have. 25 still pictures are post in the dimensions of 1920x1080px and 1920x1200px resolution. Standard dimensional size of the whale fish pictures have multipurpose to be using. These pictures can be used as whale fish wallpapers to be put on display screens like desktop or mobile screens as screensaver. Whale fish pictures can also be printed out to beautifying the home work or class work note book’s binding of the kids.

Whale Wallpaper For Baby Room
Well! F9View is likely to have its web page charming to everyone. We know very well, kids like to view the nature closely. They want to expose their suspense always. So the still pictures and wallpapers for whale fish may be the best collection to decorate the baby room walls. Download free the beautiful and attractive whale wallpaper from the gallery below and make the baby room as nice as he wants. Print out your selected whale wallpaper and make the baby room charming by hanging the framed whale wallpaper on the walls, especially front wall of sleeping bed. Let to have a direct look at the gallery of whale pictures and wallpaper for baby room.

Pictures and Wallpapers Gallery for the Whale Fish
Dimensions: 1920x1080px, 1920x1200px

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