Watermelon Nutrition Information, History & Pictures

Watermelon Nutrition Information, History & Pictures

Watermelon is a fruity food has a unique delicious taste for every age of life. When we study in depth about the watermelon nutrition information and health benefits, we find this fruit a special blessing of God to the humans. Watermelon has a long history. It has been used as fruit, as medicine and as vegetable parallel human history. In this article I have tried to give a briefly overview about watermelon nutrition information to high light the health benefits, history and at the end few pictures of watermelon has been given.

History of the Watermelon
As I have mentioned above watermelon has a long history. According to my study, discussion about watermelon is also found in the “Bible” as a food provided to “Israelites” by the God. The Israelis refused it to more eat and demanded to replace another delicious food, so God replaced but the watermelon became the cultivation item at the earth. It spread to tropical Africa and being known as a wild fruit. In 10th century, history of the watermelon reached to china and the fruit was being cultivated in china in big quantity. In 13th century this fruit was introduced in Europe and then entered in America in 16th century. As the awareness has increased about the health and nutrition benefits, the cultivation trend of the watermelon also spread worldwide. Now I think this God blessed fruit is being cultivated around the world.

The major countries which are cultivating the watermelon on commercial basis are China, Iran, Turkey, Brazil and America. Rest of the world also has a big contribution in the cultivation of watermelon. Pakistan, India and Australia are also big producer of watermelon. Historically watermelon has different kinds and varieties. It is being said watermelon has more than 1200 varieties and shapes in different part of the world, few of them can be seen in watermelon pictures heading.

Watermelon Nutrition Information
God blessed fruit watermelon has a big amount of nutrition which is highly beneficial for human life. It contains about 91% water which includes long listing nutritional ingredients. The chart of nutrition per 100 g is as;

Water    91.45 g
Energy   127 kJ 30 kcal,
Carbohydrates 7.55 g,
Sugars 6.2 g,
Dietary fiber 0.4 g
Fat  0.15 g
Protein 0.61 g
Beta-carotene 303 ?g, 3%
Thiamine (vit. B1) 0.033 mg, 3%
Riboflavin (vit. B2) 0.021 mg, 2%
Niacin (vit. B3) 0.178 mg, 1%
Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.221, mg 4%
Vitamin A equiv. 28 ?g, 4%
Vitamin B6 0.045 mg, 3%
Vitamin C 8.1 mg, 10%
Choline 4.1 mg, 1%
Calcium 7 mg, 1%
Iron 0.24 mg, 2%
Magnesium 10 mg, 3%
Manganese 0.038 mg, 2%)
Phosphorus 11 mg, 2%
Potassium 112 mg, 2%)
Sodium 1 mg, 0%
Lycopene 4532 µg
Zinc 0.1 mg, 1%

After discussing the nutrition information of watermelon now I come to a little explanation about the health benefits of watermelon.

Health Benefits of Watermelon
As you have read above the nutrition information of watermelon, it also has a many health benefits. It is highly beneficial for heart patients, liver patients, and stomach patients. In kidney problems, it is also beneficial.

Beauty Recipes of Watermelon
Recipes 1
Take one glass of watermelon juice in evening time and freeze it for whole night. In the morning, use this on the face skin, it will surely make your skin clean, prink less, white and soft.
Recipes 2
Take a upper cover stuff of watermelon and dry it, when it dry fully, grind it and save it in a bottle. Everyday make a paste according to your face requirement and use this paste on the face skin. Within days it will create a natural beauty on your face. This recipe is very exclusive.

Watermelon Pictures
As I have mentioned in my title, watermelon nutrition information, history & Pictures, now the picture of watermelon is given below. The gallery has 15 different dimensional size pictures which are in high quality and can be used to decorate your premises or backgrounds for PC or can be used for mobile display themes. Let see the watermelon pictures given below.

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