War Cannon Pictures, History, Civil War Weapons

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  1. War Cannon History
  2. Cannon Pictures as Civil War Weapons


War Cannon History
War cannon is an antique weapon being used in battlefield in past. The history of war cannon started since 1132 when Chen Gui used cannon to defend De’an from attack by the Jurchen Jin. Another Arabic Muslim writer, Ahmad al-Hassan interprets the history saying the first cannon weapon was developed by Muslims.

War Cannon Pictures, History, Civil War Weapons


The cannon are a flamethrower weapon, gunpowder-filled tube attached to the end of a spear. Sold research is this first experience to use cannon as war weapon was made in China. Initial war cannon were small but eventually its developments were carried on. In 1290, cannon have 34 cm long bore diameter of 2.5 cm and 3.5 kg weighted. It turned to new developed shape till to 1332, 35.3 cm long bore diameter 10.5 cm or 4 inches and 6.94 kg weighted. War cannon pictures given below are representing all the shapes and model from day first.

For the time being first war cannon developed in 1290 took place into most modern shapes and models. War cannon got a keen importance in 19th century when the cannon were used as civil war weapon.

Cannon as Civil War Weapons in America
The American civil war known as War Between the States was fought from 1861 to 1865. The most important and largest weapon used in this war was the cannon and known as Civil War Weapons.  During these four years War Cannon were used freely by the states and got familiarity as a most dangerous and useful Civil War Weapons.

Civil War Weapons

Cannon Used as Civil War Weapons in 1861 in America


War Cannon Used by United Kingdom
18th and 19th century were most important to discuss the history of war cannon. As above I have stated war cannon used as keen important civil war weapons by American States. United Kingdom also has used war cannon as a keen weapon to occupy its colonies in 18th and 19th centuries. Great Britain’s siege the different states and land part in 18th century is an important topic of the history. British forces occupied a large area of the world by their illegal blitz. The major and most used attacking weapon in these blitzes was the cannon.

Eventually the war cannon were being developed in modern to modern shape. When tank was invented, the cannon were the major component of the tank and were being used a heavy gun on the tank. Meanwhile the cannon also became the part of gunship helicopters.

America now is a big producer of Field artillery weapons (Cannon). 6-pounder Gun, M1857 12-pounder “Napoleon”, 12-pounder Howitzer, 10- pounder Parrott Rifle, 3-inches Ordnance Rifle, 20-pound Parrott Rifle, 14-pounder James Rifle and 12-pounder Whitworth breech loading Rifle are the most common models of War Cannon produced by United States of America.

Cannon Pictures as Civil War Weapons
Completing the topic “War Cannon Pictures, History, Civil War Weapons” now come to a glance overview on the cannon pictures was being used as a civil war weapons and weapon of the battlefield used by the different countries. According to the above War Cannon history, these weapons were most important from day first when these were invented and remained important in every century. Although, currently most advanced and scientific war weapons have been invented but the importance of War Cannon is still there.

In below gallery pictures of different models of war cannon in different times are given to give an exact overview about the weapon. These War Cannon pictures can be used as backgrounds themes or just to get knowledge to update someone. The pictures are in multi-dimensions and can be choice according to the requirements. Let’s to have an overview of the antique war weapon known as war cannon.

Cannon Pictures and Civil War Weapons Used by American States during Civil War

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