Twin Towers Malaysia History & Pictures

Twin Towers Malaysia History & Pictures

Twin Towers Malaysia History
Twin towers, also known as “Petronas Towers” is located in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Twin towers were constructed in 1998 and remained the tallest world’s building till to 2004. Owner of the twin towers, KLCC Holdings Sdn Bhd, started to plan the construction in January 1992. After initial paper work in March 1993 construction was started. The structure of the building was completed in April 1994 but its interior work and renovation were finalized in 1997. Officially twin towers (Petronas Towers) were inaugurated by the Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Muhathir Mohammad on 1st August 1999. Twin towers were completed by the cost of 1.6 billion UD dollars having 93 floors and 4,252,000 square fit floor areas. Petronas Twin Towers remained the tallest building worldwide for six years but in 2004 this record moved to Taipei 101, a tallest building constructed by Taiwan. Petrona Twin Towers is a unique building and proud of Malaysia. Many local and multi-national companies have their offices in these towers and the twin towers have become a symbol of economic growth of Malaysia.

Twin Towers Malaysia Pictures Gallery
As you know, historical places always remain the attractive to everyone. Individuals want to save the beautiful views and pictures of such places, so twin towers are also their topic. In the gallery album below we have posted 15 best viewed and beautiful pictures of twin towers Malaysia have been given which can be used as backgrounds or for other decorations. Dimensions sizes of the pictures are 1024×768 pixels resolutions which are standard resolution for all displays. All the pictures are in high definition and high quality. Just view the album and select the pictures to be used for backgrounds for PC or for other purpose. Let’s have a brief look at the album gallery of “Twin Towers Malaysia Pictures” in below…………

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