Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies in America

What are the best cars insurance companies based on affordability and value of services in American knowing you have selected a good auto insurance company from the top 10 list here? You will want to have before you get in an accident, have your car stolen, or encounter any number of situations that engage you having to make a claim. You do not want to find out excessively late that your car insurance provider is not up to average.

Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies in America

The articulation “Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies in America” includes the companies based on affordability, value of services, and responsiveness. Although there are hundreds of insurance companies in every state willing to provide this service, but trying to figure out which ones are the best and deserve one’s attention can be a bit tricky.

There are several factors that go towards causative to the quality of an insurer. Financial strength of a company is frequently over-looked by most insurance shoppers, yet it is a very significant factor. The company should be sound to pay the claims. The cost of the policy and customer service is also another most important factor. After continuous payment of premiums, customer would expect quick and efficient service when it is needed for the time being.

Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies in America

If the customer unfortunately is involved in an accident, being put on hold for ten minutes or told by a machine that “an agent will get back to you as soon as possible” only to find they never take the call can be frustrating! Also, whether the company even has a valid license to operate in the state and sell insurance is another important variable. According to the year’s long practical experience and professional’s guide, we have short list TOP 10 BEST CAR’S INUSRANCE COMPANIES IN USA, so that our valuable visitor can make a right decision while choosing his/her insurer.

1 – Geico

If you are looking for outstanding service and competitive rates, the GEICO Insurance Agency, Inc. is the right choice for you. The company goes the extra mile to help you save money, with customized policies through our trusted partners.

80 year old, The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) is the largest auto insurance agent in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. This $28 billion company rose to stardom by offering quality products and superior customer service. Company operates excellent smart rating with attractive pros and cons features.

2 – Allstate Corporation

The Allstate Corporation (founded on April 17, 1931) is the second largest personal lines insurer in the America and the largest that is publicly held. The company also has personal lines insurance operations in Canada. Allstate was founded initially as part of Sears, Roebuck and Co., and was spun off in 1993. The company has had its headquarters in Northfield Township, Illinois, near Northbrook since 1967. Its current advertising campaign, in use since 2004, asks, “Are you in good hands?” The corporate spokesperson is Dennis Haysbert. Company operates soundly with its US$ 110.3 billion assets (according to 2015 balance sheet).

3 – Progressive Corporation

The Progressive Corporation (founded March 10, 1937) is placed 3rd in the largest ten auto insurance providers in the United States. The company also insures motorcycles, boats, RVs and commercial vehicles, and provides home insurance through select companies. Progressive has expanded internationally as well, offering car insurance in Australia. The company was co-founded in 1937 by Jack Green and Joseph M. Lewis, and is headquartered in Mayfield Village, Ohio. US$21 Billion current shows a greatest customer’s trust line for the company.

4 – AA Auto Insurance

The American Automobile Associations (founded in1994) is a federation of associated auto clubs. The Company is a non-profit lobby that along with auto insurance, also offers a large number of services like first aid, towing, and emergency road service to members. It was founded in 1902 in Chicago.

5 – Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual (founded in 1912) is afinancially sound company with a credit rating of “A”. In addition to auto cover, as the company offers home and life insurance. This is a full service company providing comprehensive auto policies at very competitive rates. Liberty Manual has not only been rated as one of the top auto insurance companies in America, but has a wide network of financial services in 20 countries throughout the world. Liberty Mutual ranks 76th on the Fortune 100 list of largest corporations in the United States based on 2013 revenue.

6 – AIG

American International Group, Inc., also known as AIG, (founded in 1919 by Cornelius Vander Starr) is an American multinational insurance corporation with more than 88 million customers in 130 countries. AIG companies employ over 64,000 people in 90 countries. AIG’s main focus is to provide savings through low-cost insurance products and bundling.

7 – Esurance

Esurance Insurance Services, Inc. (subsidiary group of Allstate since 2011) is an American insurance company. It sells auto, home, motorcycle, and renters insurance direct to consumers online and by phone. Its primary competitors are other direct personal insurance writers, mainly GEICO and Progressive.

8 – USAA

The United Services Automobile Association (founded on June 20, 1922) is a Texas-based Fortune 500 diversified financial services group of companies including a Texas Department of Insurance regulated reciprocal inter-insurance exchange and subsidiaries offering banking, investing, and insurance to people and families that serve, or served, in the United States military. At the end of 2015, there were 11.4 million members. The company was established by army officers.

9 – 21st Century Insurance

21st Century Insurance is also one of the Top 10 American Auto Insurance Company and is wholly owned by the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. They are headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, and provide private passenger auto insurance in California and Hawaii.

10 – AAA Auto Insurance

The American Automobile Association (founded on March 4, 1902) is a federation of motor clubs throughout North America. AAA is a non-profit member service organization; with 55.6 million members in the United States and Canada. AAA provides services to its members, including roadside assistance and others. Its national headquarters are in Heathrow, Florida.

After a keen research and facts collecting finally we have list out Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies in America and Canada for the customer’s convenience. We care about you have a serious issue choosing a most suitable company to protect your car. The above list definitely will be best guide for you. Thank you.

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