The Canadian Flag Facts, History & Pictures

The Canadian flag facts, history and pictures are most important topic for the people, especially for kids who want to increase their general knowledge about Canada. Before to discuss about flag, I would like to give you little bit of knowledge about basic information about Canada.

Canada is an American neighboring country located in North American area consisting ten provinces and three territories. Canada is the world’s second largest country by area and has world’s largest land border with America. Population of Canada grew steadily subsequently in last few decades while Canadian government invited the intellectual people from whole world. Large scale immigration from different countries increased Canadian population up to 35 million according to 2012 censes. Canada is known as 1st of the ethnically diverse and multi cultural nations. Canada is a developed country and American culture and economy has a direct influence to Canadian development.

Canada is slightly larger than America; however, Canadian population is less than America. Real native population of Canada is just few percent which includes a big portion of British and French descent people. Mostly Canadian population is urbanized and rich but rural population is noted poor slightly. Immigrant population of Canada is mostly includes European, Germans, Ukrainians, Indians, Pakistani, Chinese and so many other countries native. Canada is known as the land of Great Lakes, mountains, sky resorts, swamps, ancient rock. Nice views of most beautiful places in Canada is a distinct searching topic and beauty of the Canada can be seen in our post top 25 best ski resorts in Canada.

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Facts and Information about Canada in Eye Glance;

Total Area: 9,984,670 squire kilo meter (Land Area)
Total Population: 35,158,300 people
Capital City: Ottawa
Provinces: 10
Largest City: Toronto
GDP: $1.825 trillion
Per Capita Income: $51,871
Currency Name: Canadian dollar, CAD
Religion: Roman Catholic
Literacy Rate: 97%
Language: English and French

Now I am going to my actual topic about the Canadian flag facts, history and pictures. In first segment I would like to mention few important facts about Canadian flag and in second segment few pictures of Canadian flag will be uploaded which can be used as Canadian flag wallpaper for iPhone and mobiles.

The Canadian Flag Facts and History;

Royal Union Flag (United Kingdom) was being used to as official flag of Canada until 1965. However, in 1965, Canadian parliament approved new design of National Flag of Canada. In 1964, Lester B. Pearson, Prime Minister of Canada appointed a committee and that committee has approved the current design of Canadian flag, designed by George Stanley and John Matheson who extracted the design idea from the Royal Military College of Canada. On 15 February, 1965 newly designed Canadian flag flying celebration was held and announced the current design as national flag of Canada officially and 15th February is announced the National Flag of Canadian Day.

National flag of Canada includes three parts two vertical red sections and one vertical white section between red sections. White section includes an image of red maple leaf. The Canadian flag is twice as wide as it is high. Red rectangles are twice as high as it is wide. Size of the flag is defined but the size of maple leaf is not defined officially. However, the colors used in the flag are defined by the ministry of Canadian heritage as;

  • FIP Red: General Printing Ink, No. 0-712
  • Inmont Canada Ltd., No. 4T51577
  • Monarch Inks, No. 62539/0
  • Rieger Inks, No. 25564
  • Sinclair and Valentine, No. RL 163929/0

The Canadian Flag Facts;
Following are the most important interesting and distinctive facts about Canadian national flag.

  • Red and white maple leaf was first time raised first time on15 February 1965.
  • National flag of Canada is an official name.
  • Canadian flag was first time flown on Parliament Hill.
  • Canadian flag’s record of 24/7 hours is filed at the Peace Tower.
  •  Flag is changed in every morning celebrating a short parade.
  • One a flag is drawn; it is submitted in office of Minister of public works and government services, which are distributed among the people on request.
  • Ink used to color the flag has been defined when it was officially flown first time.
  • Rectangles sizes on the flag are defined but maple leaf image size is not defined officially.
  • 15 Feb is national Flag Day but there is not holiday on this occasion. Routine activities are to be continuing.
  • The Canadian flags are supplied by two local companies.
  • The largest Canadian flag was flown during the football game in Hamilton.
  • The combination of red and white color on the flag was decided by King George V in 1921.
  • The Canadian national flag flies in special federal ceremony.
  • Provincial or organizational flags are flown within the National flag of Canada.
  • The Canadian national flag is always flown on its own mast.
  • The Canadian flag has to suffer an incident 1999 when students of University of Brandon burned the flag protesting against Canadian troops in East Timor.
  • The Canadian flag matches with Royal Military College of Canada’s flag.
  • The Canadian flag’s French name is ‘L’Unifolié’.

The Canadian Flag Pictures;
After short but comprehensive details about the Canadian flag facts, history given above now I would like upload few Canadian flag’s pictures which can help the reader about design facts of Canadian flag. Pictures can also be considered best Canadian flag wallpapers for desktop and mobiles. The Canadian flag pictures are also can be used as sketch format for printing the flag.

Collection for the Canadian Flag Pictures to Explain the Facts, History of Canadian Flag

The Canadian Flag Wallpaper For iPhone;
An extensive collection for the Canadian flag wallpaper for iphone and mobiles has been given below which may be known as most bouncy and irresistible collection of wallpapers in 640x960px resolution with other relevant resolutions best for iphone displays.

Collection for the Canadian Flag Wallpaper for iPhone

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