South African Wild Animals Photos & Images

If you love with animals, you are browsing right now an informative page for South African wild animal’s photos, images and pictures providing a definite inspiration of nature. This post includes some interesting facts about different animals for kids. South African is one of the best animal trip destinations for the people who love animals. With abundant of wildlife with different animal species big and small, South Africa is one of the most visited places in Africa because of its diverse in its wild animals which are found in the national parks and in the private game reserves as well. While South Africa has at its disposal some of the endangered animals, there are animals as well in south Africa which are also in the endangered critically species list.

South African Wild Animals Photos & Images

South African Wild Animals Photos & Images

In past, African wild animals were important topic for rich and royal people. Africa was the place for them to go hunting and the area was just one of the destinations to be to hunt animals one could ever think of. According to a careful research, there are about 299 mammal species in South African region. These animals and mammals which  birds of different sizes and species, fish of different colors and shapes beautiful  dangerous reptiles which roam the vast lands of the Cape of Good Hope. Few popular species of South African wild animal’s photos and images is being posted below getting physical study as well.

With a vast majority of South Africa land having different kinds of animals, Rhinoceros, the African elephant, the African water buffalo also make part of the big five and among the most dangerous animals in South Africa and the world at large. These beautiful wild animals can also be found in many of the finest national parks in South Africa such as Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and Addo Elephant Park. The animal locations are rich with migratory birds and other different kinds of animals as well. Few wild animal images can be seen in below. The Kruger national park located on the east of River Limpopo is just perfect for its diverse landscape and vegetation for all sorts of animals to live. The Kruger Park being accessed in many parts, the central gate is just one area one needs to take to make use of the animal safari.  Animals like the mountain zebras, giraffes, and the African wildebeest are always in plenty. With such a diverse herd of animal species, predators which eat these animals such as the African elephant, leopards and the cheetah are always lingering around. For all those action loving animal safari lovers, you are always assured of a visit to enjoy South African wild animals ever to remember.

Why is Kruger National park one of the best parks and national reserves in the world? Well the secret to the success of the park lies in the native people itself With aver147 mammal species, 500 bird different types of birds, 116 reptile found among the forests bushes and thickets, 34 amphibian moving about some of the greatest lakes around south Africa with about 49 fish species in the park, that’s just enough to make your stay in the park as lively and teaming with animal life every second all the day.

For all those who are enthralled by vegetation, inside these beautiful parks of South Africa are a good variety of over 457 different types of trees and shrubs and a sea of over 1500 smaller beautiful plants. With the support of the country in making sure all the animal care and animal protection is being provided in the park, Kruger National park is providing the state of the art in terms of making a yardstick to some of the upcoming national parks in the world?  With over 950 000 people visitors in the park every year, of which 80% are South Africans this local tourism is just one way of disseminating animal information about wild animals of South Africa, the endangered species in the country and what needs to be done as far as animal awareness programs are concerned.

With the conflict between man and animals, South Africa is not yet out of the woods in terms of wiping out animals in South Africa.  With all the big game viewing and a bounty of fine reserves teeming with wildlife in South Africa, the South Africa Bird life is also one area where habitat loss due to cutting down of trees and deforestation has created a menace to this once thriving animal population.

As mentioned above, a huge quantity of visitors come in South Africa to see these amazing animals, it means the topic is important. Considering this importance this article includes some South African wild animal’s photos and images providing a true sense of wildlife from Africa.

List of South African Wild Animals

Cities have grown, much land has been given over to farming, hunting has wiped out entire flocks, and the times when a flock of springbok could take days to pass through a Karoo town are long past. Yet, thanks to the insight of conservationists past and present, so in highly geographical changes, South Africa remains blessed with abundant wildlife as shown in following big five animal’s list.

Cape Buffalo
South African Cape Buffalo Facts Gemsbok
South African Gemsbok Animal Kudu
South African Kudu Picture Leopards
South African Leopards Facts Snakes
-Eastern Green Mamba Snake
Eastern Green Mamba Snake -Black Mamba Snake
Black Mamba Snake South Africa -Cape Cobra Snake
Cape Cobra Snake Images Big Cats
South African Big Cat Safari Crocodile
Crocodile South Africa Birds
-African Goshawk Bird
African Goshawk Bird -Black-Chested Snake-Eagle Pictures
Black-Chested Snake-Eagle Pictures -Ostrich Bird
Ostrich Bird South Africa -Spotted Eagle-owl
Spotted Eagle-owl Interesting Facts -Tawny Eagle
Tawny Eagle South Africa

Big Five South African Animals Pictures

Best known are the mammals and the best known of these are the famous Big Five such as elephant, lion, rhinoceroses, leopard and buffalo. Not that giraffe, hippo or whale is small. South Africa’s bushveld and savannah regions are still home to large numbers of the mammals universally associated with Africa. The Kruger National Park alone has well over 10 000 elephants and 20 000 buffaloes – in 1920 there were an estimated 120 elephants left in the whole of South Africa. The white rhino has also been brought back from the brink of extinction and now flourishes both in the Kruger National Park and the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park in KwaZulu-Natal. Attention now is on protecting the black rhino. Both these parks are home to all of the Big Five, as are other major reserves in South Africa such as Pilanesberg in North West province and numerous smaller reserves and private game lodges. In below you review big five South African animal’s pictures.

Pictures of South African Elephants
Pictures of South African ElephantsLion
South African Lion Rhinoceros
South African Rhinoceros Facts Cape Buffalo
Cape Buffalo Big FiveAfrican Big Five Leopard Collection
African Big Five Leopard Collection

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