Saniya Shamshad New Pics, Stats and Bio

Saniya Shamshad New Pics Stats and BioSaniya Shamshad is most fame Pakistani TV actress in the current list of actresses. She is fame due to her beauty and good performance in various dramas of TV channels. We are likely to post an article on Sanyina Shamshad new pics, stats and biography on the warm demand of visitors. Let to review the personal particulars of beautiful celeb Saniya Shamshad.

Saniya Shamshad Stats and Biography
Following are the personal particulars of Saniya Shamshad;

Her full name is Saniya Shamshad and nick name is Sania or Sani

Occupation of Saniya Shamshad;
Saniya Shamshad is TV actress, host and model from Lahore, Pakistan.

Saniya Shamshad study at Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan.

Hair Color of Saniya Shamshad;
Hair color of Saniya Shamshad is brown.

Eyes Color of Saniya Shamshad;
She owns light brown eyes colors.

Saniya Shamshad New Pics, Stats and BioSaniya Shamshad New Pics, Stats and Bio

Dramas Done by Saniya Shamshad
Saniya Shamshad has worked in many drama serials, like Mera huzoor, Adhakaar, Dhamak, Aseer Zadi, Rehai, Maya, Ghao, Mera Saaein 2, Larka Karachi ka Kuri Lahore Di, Dosra Chehra, Susral k Rang anokhy and Thakkan.

Why Saniya Shamshad is fame?
Saniya Shamshad is Pakistani celebrity name and most familiar name in the current TV actresses list. She is good performer and has a beautiful face value with attractive body figures. Her ideal physic and good performance make her so much fame.

Saniya Shamshad New PicsWhy Saniya Shamshad is fame?

She won more familiarity when she did her 1st drama from GEO TV channel. A Plus is another TV channel which makes the Saniya Shamshad fame.

Saniya Shamshad New Pics
Saniya Shamshad is much familiar celeb name on the Pakistan TV channels. She is also good performer and beautiful. Her ideal physic, nice smile, brown silky hairs, light brown brighten eyes and attractive beautiful cheeks make her attractive. Her fans would likely to have her picture’s collection gallery to appreciate her beauty. 50 pictures of Saniya Shamshad are given in the gallery in 720x960px and 960x720px dimensions which can be used as Saniya Shamshad’s wallpaper backgrounds for mobiles and Desktop.
Saniya Shamshad Pic and Wallpaper Background 1 for Mobiles

Saniya Shamshad Pic and Wallpaper Background 3 for Mobiles

Saniya Shamshad Pic and Wallpaper Background 9 for Mobiles

Saniya Shamshad Wallpapers Backgrounds for Mobiles and Desktop

Pictures from the gallery having 720x960px portrait dimensions can be used as Saniya Shamshad wallpapers backgrounds for the displays of mobiles and 960x720px landscape dimensions can be used as Saniya Shamshad wallpapers backgrounds for desktop. In short following pictures gallery is best Saniya Shamshad’s wallpapers backgrounds for mobiles and desktop.

Pictures for Saniya Shamshad Wallpapers Background
Dimensions: 960x720px, 720x960px

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