Pictures & History of Minar e Pakistan Lahore

Minar-e-Pakistan is a tall minaret situated in Iqbal Park Lahore (Largest city of province Punjab, Pakistan), built in commemoration of the Qarardad-e-Pakistan passed on 23 March 1940. In this article I would like to explain Minar-e-Pakistan’s topic in to two segments; first history of Minar-e-Pakistan and second Pictures of Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore. Let me write down something for the topic.

History of Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan;
Minar-e-Pakistan literally known as Tower of Pakistan was built in commemoration of the Resolution of Pakistan passed on 23rd March 1940 held at Iqbal Park (Minto Park), Lahore, the same site where currently minaret stands. The minaret was built during 1960’s. Literally history of Minar-e-Pakistan continues from since 1940, however, constructional history continues since 1960.

Minaret was designed the architect Naseer-ud-din Murat khan who tried to design the Minaret comparing to Mughal’s and modern architectural styles. The foundation stone was laid by governor West Pakistan Mr. Akhtar Hussain on 23 March 1960 and it was complete within 8 years, officially declared completed on 31 October 1968. Project was cost 7.5 million rupees.

Pictures History of Minar e PakistanHistorical Picture of Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore

Dimensional and diagram’s details are as;

  • Base is 8 meters above the ground.
  • Minaret rises 62 meters from base.
  • Minaret rises 92 meters from ground level.
  • Flower-like base rises 9 meters.
  • Diameter of the Minaret is about 9.75 meters.
  • Texila stones, hummer-dressed stones and chiseled stones were used for stricter.
  • White marble was used for polishing.
  • In base few inscriptions with white marble has been written including the complete text of Resolution of Pakistan, being known also as Lahore Resolution. The Inscriptions are in Urdu, Bengali and English languages.

Map History of Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore;
Please follow the following guide map which is clearly leading to Minar-e-Pakistan. Click the map to enlarge and get guideline to the sight.
Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore Map History

Pictures of Minar e Pakistan Lahore;
To get visual study here few beautiful pictures history of Minar-e-Pakistan is given in high definition quality of look. Pictures are available in portrait as well as landscape format which can be used for decoration, for memorial signs and also as wallpapers. Pictures are showing how the Minaret looks glorify its meaning full existence. Pictures are snapped during national days such as 23rd march of every year. Beauty of the night views is dominating day view’s beauty and beauty of day’s views is dominating night view’s beauty. F9View looks heartedly conscious to provide much elegant and irresistible Pakistan pictures gallery one of the most beautiful and stunning scenes country wide. Let me to review the Pictures of Minar-e-Pakistan.

Elegant collection for the Historical Pictures of Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore

Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers;
This portion of the article is being dedicated to Pakistan loving people living in land and also living foreign. In below few irresistible Minar-e-Pakistans HD wallpapers pictures are posted in 1200x900px, 1440x900px and 640x960px which are perfect for the display wallpaper backgrounds for desktop and mobile wall respectively. These are the finest stuffs to show love affection with their beloved country. You are sitting in America, Canada, Europe or any other place out of Pakistan, surely these HD wallpapers pictures will close your heart beat to the greatest sight. Wallpaper pictures are the most appropriate to educated the kids about history of Minar-e-Pakistan. Let me review the wallpapers collection below.

Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Picture # 1
Resolution Size: 1440x900px
Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Picture # 2
Resolution Size: 1440x900px
Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Pic1 Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Picture # 3
Resolution Size: 1200x900px
Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Pic2
Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Picture # 4
Resolution Size: 1200x900px
Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Pic3 Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Picture # 5
Resolution Size: 640x960px
Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Pic4
Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Picture # 6
Resolution Size: 640x960px
Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Pic5 Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Picture # 7
Resolution Size: 640x960px
Minar-e-Pakistan HD Wallpapers Pic6

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