Pakistan Pictures Gallery in the Murree Hills

Murree Patriata Hills

Murree is the tehsil level subdivision of district Rawalpindi and is a part of Himaliya series of mountains.  Distance Rawalpindi to Murree is 58 Km approximately. This small beautiful town has been well known as the queen of hills, most famous hill station in Pakistan. Worldwide tourist comes here to view and photographing this beautiful view of nature. Before partition of sub-continent, British govt. shifted his capital in the Murree hills in summer season. That’s why Murree hills have become a popular destination of the tourist.

History of Murree
History of Murree is very old and interesting. From 1851, Murree hills got a proper shape of a town when some developments were made in the Murree hills by the Henry Lawrence, president of the Punjab administrative board and officially municipality was created. This new town was built at Sunnybank and it was completed in 3 years. Mall road of the Murree, (Jinnah Road) and post office were also built up during these developments. Nowadays, this beautiful construction and lovely natural view of the hills are pleasuring the tourists to maintain their Pakistan pictures gallery in the Murree hills.

Until 1876, this beautiful town was the summer headquarters of local govt. Punjab, after that the headquarters were shifted to Shimla, (Now the part of India). During the British Raj most of English families and British troops stayed here in the Murree hills. Nice weather condition of the murree hills attracted the tourists worldwide in all times of the past. Recently Pakistan tourism has developed this area on modern grounds and many of the facilities of enjoyment have been created here. Murree chair lift service is one of them. Well managed hotels in Murree are also good effort of the authority. Pakistan Tourism Department with the cooperation of Punjab Tourism Department is the administrative authority of the area. Annually a substantial amount is being earned by Pakistan tourism and tourist worldwide.

In 1857 independence war, local tribes of the Murree , and Hazara with the Dhond Abbasi fought with the British army to defend their area but after facing the critical difficulties British army took over the control of Murree and surroundings. After the partition, in 1947, this area has become the part of Pakistan.

Geography of Murree
Geographically Murree is situated on the southern slopes of the Western Himalayan foothills nearby the states of Kashmir. It’s a tehsil municipality of district Rawalpindi. Murree connects the other areas by a road called national high way and recently a murree motorway, known as express way, has been constructed. Different buildings and headquarters of different departments in the Murree hills make it most famous and attractive for tourist. Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, Combined Military Hospital, large number of educational and training institutes, houses of most prominent personalities present in the Murree. Nathiagalli, Ayubia, Khanspur, Khairagalli, Dungagalli, Changlagalli and Patriyata are the most famous places of the Murree hills. Murree is also called a gateway to Galliat. Murree Bhurban and Murree Patriyata have also been developed as tourist places. Tourist can see a fine view of snowy peaks of Kashmir and crest of the Nanga Parbat from Murree hill. At the distance of 13KM, on Azad Kashmir road, most famous place of the area “Bhurban” is situated. PC Bhurban, one is the best 5 star hotels in Pakistan and Bhurban Hill Apartment which are luxury holiday apartments are situated in this area. Punjab govt. has the plan to develop New Murree city at Patriata 15 km away from Murree.

Murree Weather
Weather condition in the Murree hills is very excellent all time. Normal Murree weather forecast is as;

murree weather forecast

Education in Murree
The city has its own excellent murree schools system. Lawrence College Gora Gali, established in 1860, provides education from class 1 to 12 including A lever and O level. Cadet College Lower Topa, Cadet College Murree Pindi Point, Chinar Army Public School and College are also available for education here.

murree schools

Population of Murree
According to latest data collection total population of this area is 25247 approximately.

Events and meetings in Murree
As we have discussed prier, Pakistan pictures gallery in the Murree hills, shows us this beautiful place is the best hill station in the world. So many people arrange their events and private or official meetings here in the most attractive natural climate of the world.

Animals of Murree
Leapard, Rhesus Monkey, wild Boar, Foxes and some rare birds can be found in the murree hills.

Hotels in Murree
PC Bhurban, Bhurban Hill Apartments, FirHill Villas, Hotel Faran, Hotel Jawa International, Hotel The Taj Mahal Murree , Shangrila Resort are the famous hotels in Murree.

Pakistan Pictures Gallery, in the Murree Hills

Tribes and their Religion
The main tribes of Murree are Dhund Abbasi, Karlal, Syeds, Sheikhs, Kethwal Rajputs, Awans, Satti and few others. The religion of the tribes is Islam. Few community of Christian is resident here in Murree and Nathia Gali.

Punjab Tourism and Murree
Punjab Tourism Department is working day and night in the murree hills to develop the area on modern grounds. The department is said to have a plan to build New Murree City and they have selected a site near Patriata 15 KM away from present city of Murree hill. Already an excellent road in the shape of motorway (express way) has been developed. Authority is working many other projects to develop the area.

Wallpapers of Murree Hills
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