Pakistan Air Force Information and Wallpapers

Pakistan Air Force Information and Wallpapers

Pakistan air force abbreviated, PAF, is the aerial defense wing of Pakistan army. Pakistan air force is one of the 3 major components of Pakistan armed forces, Pakistan army, Pakistan navy and Pakistan air force. The primary task of PAF is to defend the airspace of the country and secondary task is to provide air logistics support to Pakistan army and Pakistan Navy. In the post, Pakistan Air Force Information and wallpapers, short but comprehensive details about PAF are given to update our visitors. Post is in two parts, first about Pakistan air force information and 2nd part about beautiful part of Pakistan air force wallpapers.

Pakistan Air Force Information
Pakistan air force, PAF, was established on 14 August 1947 with the very initial day of independence of Pakistan. PAF began with the initial staff 2,332 personals, a fleet of 24 Tempest II fighter-bombers, 16 Hawker Typhoon fighters, 2 H.P.57 Halifax bombers, 2 Auster aircraft, 12 North American Harvard trainers and 10 De Havilland Tiger Moht biplanes and 8 C-47 Dakota cargo planes. Gradually Pakistan air force increased its potential capacity and nowadays it has expanded its self to 65,000 full time personals including approximately 3,000 pilots and, currently, operates 400 combat aircraft as well as various transport and training aircraft and other air defense weapons. Pakistan air force, PAF, is a world ranking highly professional and experienced force. In past, this great force has performed excellent and holds several world records which can be viewed on official Pakistan air force website Pakistan air force commonly known as Shaheen’s of Pakistan is the pride of Pakistani nation.

Pakistan Air Force’s Engagements
Air force of Pakistan has performed its professional duties in different time very well. It has been engaged in the tasks below;

In 1947 fought 1st Indo-Pak war,
In 1965 defended the Pakistan airspace and Rann Kutch Skirmish. In this war Pakistan airforce has made many world record during fight. Most common record was the shoot down of 5 Indian bomber aircraft less than minutes by the late air commodore Muhammad Mehmood Alam (MM Alam) and the targets achieved by air commodore Sarfraz Rafiqui.
In 1971 fought the 3rd Indo-Pak war,
In 1979 to 1988 Soviet-Afghan war,
1999 engaged Kargil war with India,
Recently air force of Pakistan engaged in Indo-Pak Stand-off war in North-west Pakistan.

Pakistan Air Force Information in a Glance
Established on 14 August 1947
Country, Pakistan
Official Name, Pakistan Air Force, abbreviated PAK, familiar with the name of Shaheen’s of Pakistan
Part of Pakistan Armed Forces
Headquarters AHQ, Islamabad
Anniversaries, Air Force Day September 7
Head of the Force, Air Chief Marshal (present air chief marshal is Tahir Rafique Butt)
Notable, ACM Farooq Feroze Khan
Commanders, ACM Anwar Shamim and AM Malick Nur Khan

Pakistan Air Force Weapon Information in Glance
Attack, Mirage 5
Electronic, Falcon DA-20, Saab 2000 Erieye
Fighter, F-16C/D, F-16A/B, JF-17, Mirage III and F-7P/PG
Warfare, AEW&C, Shaanxi AEW&C
Helicopter, Alouette III, Mi-171
Reconnaissance, Mirage IIIRP, Falco UAV, Jasoos II Bravo+
Trainer, FT-5, K-8P, MFI-17, MFI-395, C-12, T-37
Transport, An-26, Boeing 707, Airbus A310, Cessna Citation V, Phenom 100, Fokker F27, Friendship, Saab 2000.

Pakistan Air Force’s Foreign Engagements
Pakistan airforce has achieved many tasks to help other brotherhood nations. In 1967, during Arab-Israel war, air force of Pakistan gave tough time to Israel air force and shoot down ten Israeli aircraft including Mirages, Mysteres and Vautours. Commonly Pakistan armed forces have played a discussable role in Arab-Israel war, UNO deployments, Egypt, Syria and many other part of the world.

Pakistan Air Force Wallpapers
Discussing the Pakistan air force information, now come to Pakistan air force wallpapers, containing aircraft wallpapers hd, PAK staff wallpapers etc. etc. Below gallery contains 25 best high definition wallpapers free download for you pc backgrounds and for other displays screens. Wide range hd wallpapers wide screen are in standard resolution dimensions 1024×768 pixels. Just click the selected wallpaper, enlarge and the find ready hd wallpaper downloads free for computer backgrounds. Save it in the prescribed space to use later or directly set as desktop background.

Pakistan Air Force Wallpapers HD
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                            Features Wallpaper 600×400 pixels Landscape


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