Online Jobs for Students without Investment and Registration Fee in Pakistan

Making money online has been a dream of Pakistani students. There is a huge community of students, house wives, retired persons and disables who are looking for legal, legitimate and justifiable home base working opportunity to meet their routine expenditures. Although many people in Pakistan have been scammed with the name of data entry or work at home but many of legal companies are offering outsourcing with full legitimacy. Latest Govt. Jobs 

You know Pakistan is a poor country and un-employment rate is on peak. In such a situation earning money online is biggest option for people, particularly for the students. Plan your career and get start.

It has been reported, billions of people are earning handsome amount every month through internet around the world, like me. I started working online in 1999 get scammed. Okay! No problem, I kept myself positive. Although I have been scammed but I realized there is much more rightful jobs on internet which can help me to establish my home base business. My 16 year long online journey with ups and downs led me to a success point and currently I am earning more than $2000 every month through internet just by working 4 to 5 hours daily.

Online Jobs for Students without Investment and Registration Fee in Pakistan

Hello student! Study is important, however, the basic secret to get success is your study must guide you how to make a career development plan effectively. I have planed when I was student and currently making above figure, why you can’t? Definitely you are spending your hours on facebook or twitter like me but there is a different story. You are just getting entertained but I am earning money using social media and getting top ranking on Google search engine. Do not waste your time; always make your seconds/minutes/hours productive. You have following most practical options how to make money in dollars being in Pakistan, let read.

Make Money through Blogging

Blogging is most easiest and fast way to earn money online. Just launch a blog and learn basics to capture a first page ranking on search engines. A single properly managed blog can give chance to make money through Google AdSense and so many other online advertising programs offered by different companies like Chitika, InfoLinks, Bidvertiser etc.

Earn Money by Working with Youtube

Working with youtube is a 2nd fast and secure way to make money. Monetize your channel on youtube and enjoy thousands of dollars as making the people. You know billions of people are watching videos on youtube. If you launch your own channel, you have a soft source of conveying advertising material reaching billions of people, thus a way you can earn dollars as you wish. Learn proper skills to work with youtube and earn handsome income monthly. People are making money through youtube channels, why not you.

Online Jobs for Students without Investment and Registration Fee in Pakistan

Make Money by Affiliate Marketing

Hello Pakistani students! You have a great option of affiliate marketing with Amazon, ebay, Click Bank etc. on the same website you have managed for Google AdSense. This is a sophisticated project because you can earn by multi sides on a single site. For more details contact us.

Earn Money through Data Entry Online

When you think about “Work at Home” the very first option appearing in your mind is “Data Entry”. Join legitimate companies which are offering data entry jobs or captcha entry work. Many students in Pakistan are doing data entry jobs at home earning their pocket money soundly. If you have good typing speed and excellent English approach, definitely you can it easily. Simply work 3-4 hours daily and earn up to Rs. 20000/- averagely. For example if you type 1000 words, you will be paid normally $1. If you have good typing speed you can type 1500 words hourly and get paid $1.5. It means work 4 to 5 hours daily and earn up to $200 monthly. I think this an enough amount for a student to meet his/her routine wise academic expanses.

Make Money Online by Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money through internet without investment for students. Numbers of companies or individuals worldwide are outsourcing their work to the workers sitting at home. To connect the workers and employers, freelancing serving websites play keen role such as,,, and so many other trustworthy sites. On such websites, you can find out multi projects as per your qualification and skills.

Just sign up free and ask for work mentioning your skills in the account. The people will offer you the work asking for, complete your work and get paid instantly. I personally know many students in Pakistan who are making thousands of dollars through freelancing project. Freelancing websites will deduct nominal service charges. Article writing,  work on coral draws, video making, web designing, marketing, social media projects are most common jobs on freelancing sites.

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Consequently internet is a source where you can find out thousands of jobs according to your qualification. However above mentioned ways are my experienced and many of our students in Pakistan as well as in other countries are making handsome amounts without paying any registration fee or investing money. If you are interesting in the work and want to get more details, you can write us freely at or in below commenting box.

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  2. M Tahir
  3. AQEEL
  4. irfan ahmed baig
  5. Sher Ali
  6. SHAMS
  7. Nazakat Ali
  8. Shabbir Munir
  9. Abid Hussain
  10. Suhail
  11. Munir
  12. sakhawat ali
  13. Muhammad Ashraf
  14. usama
  15. Muhammad Nadeem
  16. khalidmehmood
  17. Amtal babu
  18. Faisal
  19. jibran
  20. Manazar Nawaz
  21. inzimam ulhaq
  22. rashid ali
  23. khurram
  24. Muhammad Asif
  25. waleed raza
  26. banaras ellahi
  27. Kashif Usman
  28. Wasif Imran
  29. bilal
  30. Mrs Kamran
  31. muhammad Rehman
  32. Atta ur rahman tayyab
  33. rizwan sharif
  34. Abdullah Din
  35. Iftikhar ali
  36. Muhammad sajjad
  37. Farhan amjad
  38. Imran Haider
  39. Zohaib khan
  41. Muhammad Sajid Hussain
  42. muhammad umer
  43. khayam misal
  44. khayam misal
  45. Imran Mazhar Khokhar
  46. yousaf
  47. muzamil
  48. M.Asif
  49. Naeem
  50. Amjad Iqbal

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