Murree & Ayubia Hills Pictures Gallery 2014

Muree and Ayubia is most famous and highly visiting point where tourists come from country as well as from foreign. Muree and Ayubia hills pictures gallery 2014 includes the latest pictures and photos snapped recently within the start of 2014. The gallery can be known as addition to Muree and Ayubia hills beautiful pictures gallery formerly uploaded in last year. Gallery includes much inspiring and attractive views of hill’s peaks, monkey on the roads and trees, snowfalls, chairlifts and so many other eye-catching scenes.

The purpose of the pictures gallery is to explore the beauty of this earth heaven valley. A tourist country wide or worldwide can easily reach to the topic to have the assessment of the beauty of Murre and Ayubia hills. An overseas Pakistani who is sitting in any other country can enjoy these pleasant beautiful natural scenes from his own beautiful country.  Any foreign tourists can pick the views how God has made the Murree and Ayubia so beautiful, alluring, fascinating and eye-catching. The Murree hills are the territory of District Rawalpindi (Province Punjab), however, Ayubia belongs to District Abbottabad (Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). 3rd one famous tourist’s point attach the area is Patriata Hills which owns exceptional beauty of nature. A beautiful view of Murree and Patriata hills can be seen on various pages of F9View.

Murree Ayubia Hill Picture Gallery 2014Murree & Ayubia Hills Pictures Gallery 2014

As per our slogan we want to explore the beauty of world, the collection Murree & Ayubia hills pictures gallery 2014 provides 25 plus exclusive hills views captured from the areas. Heart touching views of hills peaks, tall trees, rocky passageways and pleasant weather condition are definitely enough to attract the tourists from whole of the world. The currently developments of Pakistan Tourism Authority with co-ordination of Provincial Development Authorities have made the area really visiting point.

Ayubia is known beautiful place in the world, infect “Ayubia National Park” is never less than international standard of any tourist point. The park was built in 1984 and it was named by the name of late president of Pakistan, Muhammad Ayub Khan.

Beyond doubt Murree and Ayubia hills pictures and photos are the main stream contribution in Pakistan pictures gallery 2014. Others attaching areas that can be known as one of the most beautiful and best tourist places in Pakistan are Patriata, Nathia Gali, Ghora Gali, Bhurban and so many other similar localities in the surrounds of Murree and Ayubia. In short I can say Murree, Ayubia and all other northern areas are so much beautiful and are also big contributor in Pakistan pictures gallery and history. To know the complete history of Murree, you can visit the page Pakistan pictures gallery in the Murree hills where you can found the whole historical details of the “Queen of Hills” Murree.

Murree and Ayubia Hills Pictures Wallpapers;
Now I am going to review the pictures segment of Murree and Ayubia hills pictures gallery for 2014 where most alluring and fascinating natural scenes of hill’s peaks, monkey on the roads and trees, snowfalls, chairlifts and so many other eye-catching scenes are arrayed ornately which can be utilized to enjoy attractive background of displays. Our visitor knows clearly F9View looks heartedly conscious to provide much inspiring, elegant and irresistible Pakistan picture gallery one of the most beautiful and stunning scenes country wide. Let me to review the Murree & Ayubia hills pictures gallery 2014 in scenario of wallpapers and visualize study of beautiful areas of Pakistan.

Murree & Ayubia Hills Pictures and Wallpapers Gallery 2014


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