50 Most Beautiful & Pretty Faces Pictures

This page include world’s best 50 most beautiful and pretty faces pictures in HD quality on the warm demand of fans. You most likely saw dozens of people’s faces today, many more if you live in a city. You may not have been mindful of it, but you were delicately judging every one by its beauty. Your eyes are drawn to more gorgeous faces, and the almost unpreventable outcome is that more beautiful people have advantages in almost every aspect of life, from job interviews to prison sentencing. But what drives us to long for beauty?

Most Beautiful Pretty Faces Pictures
Most Beautiful Pretty Faces Pictures

According to a theory, watching upon beauty inspirations the brain’s ?-opioid receptors (MOR), thought to be a key part of our biochemical reward system. At least in rodents, stimulating or inhibiting MOR neurotransmission not only tweaks the animals’ appetite for sex or food, but also the strength of their preferences for particular foods or mates. Is our preference for pretty faces driven by the same biochemical reward circuit? Beauty appears to stimulate the same brain region as the opioid morphine according to a new study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry immediately like tasty food or good music, “being attached to someone, like a romantic partner, is rewarding for people,” said study researcher Olga Chelnokova, a psychologist at the University of Oslo, in Norway.

Olga Chelnokova and her colleagues take on 30 healthy heterosexual males for their study. Some of the males were given morphine, which activates receptors in the opioid system, and others received an opioid suppressor. The researchers showed the males photographs of female’s faces that varied in beauty, which the men could turn over through at their own speed. Researchers asked the men to rate how much they liked each of the faces and measured how long they lingered on each one, ‘Live Science’ reported participants that were given morphine rated the most objectively attractive faces very highly.

In addition, the morphine takers spent more time viewing the pictures of the faces they found most attractive and less time viewing unattractive faces, suggesting they also wanted those faces more. In comparison, the males taking the opioid suppressor showed less liking and wanting: They rated the beautiful and pretty faces less highly and spent less time viewing them. Thus, the opioid system might help humans choose the best mate by producing rewarding feelings when seeing those mates, while making unattractive mates less desirable, researchers said.

So keeping in view the above study, few most beautiful & pretty faced women pictures are being published in below as suggested that we seek out beautiful faces at least in part because our brains reward us. According to following the study, findings are yet further confirmative that our social relationships are sturdily influenced by the invisible hand of progression, pushing us to find beautiful and pretty faces. But the question remains to answer, how do we decide which face is cute and pretty in the first glance? Following picture collection definitely guide you to reach an accurate decision. Let see.

Beautiful and Pretty Faces Picture’s Collection

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