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Missiles of Pakistan

Missiles of Pakistan
History of missiles of Pakistan started since 1987 when the Intelligence of Pakistan army reported India has begun the missile research and development program. The president and army chief of time, General Zia ul Haq decided to continue the missile research program. First missile developed by Pakistan was Hatf Missile 1. The great journey started in 1987 goes to the development of intercontinental ballistic missile of Pakistan, “Taimur Missile”. So here in this article, the journey of battlefield range ballistic missiles and its development can be read in three major time headings.

Battle-field Range Ballistic Missiles
Under this program, Hatf series missile was developed, like Hatf I, with range of 80 km and payload of 500 kg, Hatf II with range of 250 km. This was initial development completed in 1989.

Short and Medium Range Ballistic Missiles
Under this research development, Pakistan had developed larger range missile system in 1997, Hatf III Ghaznai with the range of 600 KM and payload of 500 KG. During this decade Ghouri series was developed and highly accurate target achiever Ghouri missiles were developed by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan in the Kahuta Research Laboratories.

Cruise Missiles
In 2005, Pakistan missile researchers had developed the Hatf VII Babur ground launched cruise missile which was revealed in a public test-firing in same year. Early version of Haft VII Babur had a range of 500 km but later on it was developed to 700 km.

Nowadays, Pak army missile program has developed to a strong position and has become world appreciated due it’s highly accuracy of efficiency. Each past head of Pak army including recent chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani support the program. In below a galley of missiles of Pakistan and military photos is given for the better view of the system.

Missiles of Pakistan, Military Photos,
In below gallery 25 best images of missiles of Pakistan and military photos has been given, so that our visitor can easily use these images as wallpapers and for displays. All these missiles and military high definition wallpapers are in widerange having multi dimensions resolutions. Just click the selected image and set as PC backgrounds or save it to use later. Missiles of Pakistan and military photos HD wallpapers backgrounds are 100% accurate for desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Let’s see the gallery of missiles of Pakistan and military photos.

Missiles of Pakistan and Military Photos Gallery in WideRange Dimensions Resolutions

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