Mango Fruit Information and Pictures

Mango Fruit Information
Mango fruit is a part flowering plant having various kinds of tropical fruiting tree. Mango fruit is known one of the best in delicious and sweet summer fruits. Mango fruit is familiar in every age, adults and kids. In other words it is called king of fruits. Purpose of the article Mango Fruit Information and Pictures is providing you the comprehensive information about mango fruit and mango tree. You can say the mango an Asian fruit because it has been cultivated in South Asia for the thousands of years and then reached East Asia. According to Moroccan traveler, “Ibn-Battuta”, cultivation of mango came later in Europe, Brazil, West Indies, Mexico, where an appropriate climate of the area allows its growth. This genus Magnifier fruit has different kinds and each kind has a unique delicious taste in it. In Asia, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka are the major cultivating countries and exporter of mongo fruit. In Pakistan mango annual production is 6 million tons approximately and it is a substantial contribution in world over production. Total area under fruit cultivation in Pakistan is 853 thousand hectares. Langra mango, chunsa mango, sarni mango, sindhy mango, dusahry mango are the famous kinds producing in Pakistan.

Mango Fruit Tree
To know the complete mango fruit information, it is compulsory to know about the mango trees, about their family, genus. Mango tree belongs with “Anacardiaceae” and genus Mangifera having normal height 35-40 meter with green leafs as you can see in the gallery “Mango Fruit Information and Pictures”. Mango tree has roots 5-6 meter in depth and it is a long live tree. Normally it’s growing to production of mango fruit is also time taking, more than 10 years. This tree is being cultivated on commercial bases in different area over the world.

Mango Fruit as Food
Mango fruit is most popular in old and children due to its delicious and soft taste. This fruit is being used as food because of its fibrous texture. For consumption of unripe, pickled or cooked fruit, the mango skin may be used comfortably. But it has potential to cause contact dermatitis of the lips, gingiva or tongue in susceptible people. Mango fruit is being used in juices and many of commercial packing by different food companies have packed mango’s juice in different styles. Mango is also being used in cuisine, chutneys. Mango lassi or milkshake is a popular drink in South Asia. Mango achaar is also a famous food item made by mango fruit.

Mango Fruit Pictures
At completing the post, Mango Fruit Information and Pictures, 25 selected pictures of mango fruit and mango trees are being provided to be downloading in all sizes. These pictures can be used as wallpapers for window, Vista, Mac and your mobile devices. Just choice your required wallpaper suited to your screen and click to download. Mango fruit wallpapers have been resized in all resolutions to fit your screens. Click on the wallpaper to see it in full view to set it as your desktop background or to post it to your friends.

Let See Mango Fruit Pictures & Mango Tree Pictures

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