Khana Kaba The Muslims Holiest Place On the Earth

Short Introduction
Kaaba, Qibla, Masjid al Haram, all these the same name of the most sacred building in Islam, built by the Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s) and Hazrat Ismail (a.s). It is situated in Mecca, most important city of Saudi Arabia. Why Mecca is important for Muslims and Islam? Well! Come to know. This is the first holiest place where the Muslims are expected to face the “ kaaba” during prayers. Kaaba is the central point to perform hajj, fifth Pillar of Islam. Allah (God) requires every Muslim to perform the Hajj pilgrimage at least one time in his or her life if he or she is able to afford. Macca having this holiest place is also the birth place of Holly Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). Kaaba has cuboids-shape structure, with 43 fits height and 36.2 fits by 42.2 fits sides approximately. This great holiest place on the earth has been discussed many of the time in the Holly Quraan.

Khana Kaba The Muslims Holiest Place On the Earth

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