Intercontinental Ballistic Missile OF Pakistan

Pakistan is most important South Asian country neighboring India. Pakistan came into being on 14 August 1947. Today’s topic intercontinental ballistic missile of Pakistan clarifies why Pakistan has to enter in armed race.

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile OF PakistanIntercontinental Ballistic Missile OF Pakistan, Developed to Taimur

Pakistan has to face critical collision situation from the day first of its birth. India imposed the war on Pakistan in 1948 just after one year of its birth. Then Pakistan has to face another attack from India in 1965 and 3rd attack only by 6 year later, in 1971. This was the alarming situation for Pakistan. In 1974 India declared itself an Atomic Power by blasting atomic bombs. This behaves of India forced to Pakistan to take extra-ordinary measures for its defense. So prime minister of Pakistan of the time Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto has decided to make the Pakistan Atomic Power. It was also decided to develop the missile technology and enhance the missile program already run.

Defense program was run in two phases. In first phase atomic program was developed and in second phase missile program was developed.

According to defense journal news of Pakistan, a moderate missile program of Pakistan was started in 1987. For details Please see another article Missiles of Pakistan, Military Photos posted on 16 May 2013. Before 1987, Pakistan has done much work on the missile technology and has achieved a note able success in this field. In below a complete list of battlefield rang ballistic and intercontinental ballistic missile of Pakistan with full details has been given.

Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles of PakistanIntermediate Range Ballistic Missiles of Pakistan


Battlefield Range Ballistic Missiles OF Pakistan

This heading can be explained well by classifying in following more sub-headings.

  1. Battlefield Range Ballistic Missiles of Pakistan (BRBM)
    Hatf-I/IA was the first battlefield range ballistic missile designed in 1980. 2nd was Abdali-I which was designed in 1990 and 3rd battlefield range ballistic missile of Pakistan was Nasr (Hatf-IX) which was developed in 2011.
  2. Short Range Ballistic Missiles of Pakistan (SRBM)
    Ghaznavi and Abdali II, two missile are listed under short range ballistic missiles heading.
  3. Medium Range Ballistic Missiles of Pakistan (MRBM)
    Ghouri or Hatf 5 is the first medium range ballistic missile of Pakistan developed in 1998. Shaheen I, Ghouri II, Shaheen II are others medium range ballistic missiles of Pakistan.
  4. Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles of Pakistan (IRBM)
    Shaheen III is the intermediate range ballistic missiles of Pakistan developed in 2000 and has 4500 operation range.

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile OF Pakistan (ICBM)

According to the Strategic Plan Division report issued, Pakistan has started to work to develop the intercontinental ballistic missile “Taimur” .

According to the source, intercontinental ballistic missile Taimur has a range of 7000 km and has the capacity of hitting its target accurately. Intercontinental ballistic missile of Pakistan “Taimur” can take over the nuclear warheads as well as traditional weapons. Development of Taimur definitely is a significant journey to stronger defense of the country.

In short Pakistan’s missiles program is the pride of Nation. Missile Development program of Pakistan, battlefield range missiles to intercontinental missile, is a journey of struggles, devotion and commitments. Definitely missile program of Pakistan, especially upcoming intercontinental missile Taimur is a great symbol of defense and guarantee of survival.

At the end of article, now I would like to post few pictures of ballistic missiles of Pakistan and intercontinental ballistic missile “Taimur” for the well explanation of the topic.

Pictures for the Ballistic and Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles of Pakistan


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