Importance of Health and Wellness in Schools

It is a famous quotation; “The greatest wealth is health”. Importance of health and wellness in schools is equal to the importance of the education in schools. Health means a sound and good physical and mental status of a person. It is not just the absence of disease and infirmity. It includes the social well-being as well.

When we talk about the schools, this topic gets even more importance and crucial direction. Good health plays a key role in the composition of a good student.  An ill individual cannot be a good student. Life is just an ordeal and study is a compulsion for him. In this regard, a good student knows the importance of healthy diet, healthy nutrition, and healthy living. Schools establish health clubs and wellness societies for this purpose. According to a research, good physical health and improved nutritional diet of students in schools help to overcome the focus and attention the problems. It can also help in maintaining discipline while studying and playing games. It rapidly improves and betters the attendance in schools. All these things boast the academic achievement that leads towards a successful life.

Importance of Health and Wellness in Schools

Categorically healthy students are painstaking then lazy students. They take interest in education, sports and other extracurricular activities warmly. While unhealthy students remains worried, confused, and terrified. They usually do not take interest in study even as in sports and any other extra activity. A healthy student remains happy and jolly. His face enlightens with bright light of health. His eyes remain full of zeal, zest, and determined. He has a creative mind and positive and sublime thinking. Healthy diet and nutrition importantly tend a student to healthy living ever.

Healthy Diest Nutrient Food PyramidIt has been scene that healthy students perform well as compared to unhealthy students. Good health also affects the attitude of a student. These students look like content and optimist. On the other hand ill and sickly students do not show a nice and clad attitude. They are mostly impolite and pessimist in their behavior. To retrieve their performance and attitude to the edge of right track, knowing the importance of good health and wellness in schools is as compulsory as the blood for life. The sanctity of education, school, and teachers is directly affected by the wellness of the students. Good health creates control and determination potential in a student. He then becomes a tolerant and smooth personality. Conversely unhealthy students usually waste their time in quibbling and gargling with others resulting in the loss of their study.

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Healthy students give their most of time to the beneficial activities (here health means both physical as well as mental health). Healthy students due to their positive thinking emerge as responsible citizen of state. While the unhealthy students due to their negative thinking become knave and irresponsible people that cause to harm the society and state. We have learned above about the importance of health and wellness in schools; now let me to state out how it can be acquired. There are mainly three things that can be emphasized to reach the true meaning of health and wellness of a student. These are as follows:

Importance of Healthy Eating

  1. Importance of healthy diet;

Diet consists of those products that a man intakes in his daily life to satisfy his appetite. Diet plays a pivotal role in making a man healthy. The most convenient way for this purpose is to eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet contains all those ingredients that are essential and suffice to invigorate a man and for his wellbeing. So never ignore the importance of healthy diet.
Importance of Healthy Diet

  1. Importance of healthy nutrition;

Nutrition is a process by which a man assimilates the diet those he intakes. The perception of nutrition tells us that healthy nutrition is necessary as well. For this purpose exercise daily and do not transgress in eating. It is an absurd idea that eating much makes you healthy. Mediocre eating is best for health and wellness. In schools, administration must arrange the activities that are helpful in this respect. Probabilistic health of students may be greatly affected by such activities. To be familiar with the importance of healthy nutrition is first step to get energetic physic.
Importance of Healthy Nutrition

  1. Importance of healthy living;

Healthy living is a wonder drug to catch a good heath. Healthy living involves positive thinking, depression free life, loving relation with others, creativity and being good team member etc. I reckon it is the most compulsory element to secure wellness and health. It makes a student brisk and swift in his ideas. As a result they pass through thick and thin very easily.
Importance of Healthy Living

Consequently we have learned from all above discussion, health and wellness of a student are most caring topics to build up a positive and horizontal society. Many dynamical changes are made in curriculum and courses every year but unfortunately health and wellness evenly up to school level is fully ignored. It has been continually reported; this ignorance exists on global scale. There is a need to run an awareness campaign about the importance of health and wellness in schools as F9View has started. Our readers are requested if you have some meaning full suggestions about the importance of healthy diet, healthy nutrition and healthy living, please do not delay to post us.

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