How to Make Hair Bows for Babies Step by Step

Let us to know comprehensive ways how to make hair bows for babies step by step. You know babies are to a large extent beloved part of a family due to their innocent activities and comedies of childhood. Parents are also willing to see their cute babies much striking and beautiful. So hair bow is one of the accessories which play vital role to get bigger personality of baby. Conversely baby girls are also like to wear beautiful hair bows in different designs and quality stuffs as shown in below of the post.

How to Make Hair Bows for Baby Girls?
Do not feel it hard, it very simple to make. First of all gather the tool accessories to be used while making hair bows. Needles, color matched thread, glue gun, colorful ribbons, scissor, cutter, barrette and small pieces of fluffy cloth are basic requirements to fabricate the smashing designs for baby girl’s hair bows. Keep in mind, if you want to design appealing looks of hair bows, you must never compromise on quality of material used. Now let me to mention steps to make the bows. All steps are awaiting your comments so that we can polish our art of work. Can you do so?

Video Tutorial How to Make Hair Bows

  • Cut the ribbon in small pieces, give the pieces a sprint shape by meeting both edge of the ribbons. Now carry each circle of ribbon, sew it with needle in matching colored thread. Now take a barrette and fix it by glue. Adjust all circled ribbons on the barrette in round petal shape. To enhance the decency of bow you can fix any button or flower stone in the middle of bow. Flower petal hair bow is ready to use. Follow the below image.Flower Petal Hair Bows
  • Gather equal lengthy ribbons in four different colors; fold the ribbons in loose curves adjoining to each other. Now hold one edge of ribbons and wrap the thread in excess of it smoothly in a track. Now fix the both ends by barrette, pins and glue gun. To make more dazzling, you can use any tiny accessory in color matching. Thus a way multi color ribbon bow is ready to use. Please follow the image to reach exact idea.
    Multi Color Ribbon Bows
  • Get colorful dotted fabric piece and fold it in small pieces cut in middle. Fix the cut pieces in opposite directions by hair pins. You can also use glue fun for this purpose. In middle of the fixed fabric, bind the bow with elegant ribbon, thus a way sweet candy shape hair bow is ready to happy your little baby girl. Following image is perfectly guiding you.Sweet Candy Shape Bows

Now let us to publish few pictures of beautiful hair bows to provide you picture tutorial how to make hair bows for babies step by step sitting at home. We have gathered remarkable range of picture ideas through internet, friends and famous designers. Hopefully you will enjoy our sincere effort, however, if you find our effort excellent, please give your comments below to encourage us. If you have some suggestion to make the collection more marvelous, we are waiting your kind words. Review the collection now.

Picture Tutorial to Make Hair Bows for Baby Girls


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