How to Get the Scholarship for Study in Abroad, University of Glasgow

If you are wishing to study abroad masters in adult education on scholarship base, the University of Glasgow offers “Self Funding or Erasmus Mundus scholarship base students, IMAESC in September 2016” course of study. How to get the scholarship for study in abroad article provides you a complete details how to apply and get admission.

How to Apply for Admission?

How to Get the Scholarship for Study in Abroad

The International Master in Adult Education for Social Change (IMAESC) offers applications from the students who want to join the course around the world. Willing students can apply as a self-funded student or you can apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship from any country.

Applicants must apply online and submit the necessary supporting documentation (mentioned below) with the online application. Please refer to the programmed website for details on how to apply, including the Guide to applying online.

For complete review about the programs you can directly surf the university’s page just a while.

How to Get the Scholarship for Study in Abroad, University of Glasgow

You must complete the online application and upload the following documents which are required for all applications to the University of Glasgow;

  • University of Glasgow application form (available on official website)
  • A copy (or copies) of your official degree certificate(s) (if you have already completed your degree)
  • A copy (or copies) of your official academic transcript(s), showing full details of subjects studied and grades/marks obtained
  • Official English translations of the certificate(s) and transcript(s)
  • Two supporting reference letters on headed paper
  • Evidence of your English Language ability (if your first language is not English)
  • A copy of the photo page of your passport (Non-EU students only)

Furthermore, the following are required by the IMAESC consortium. These should also be uploaded to your online application.

  • Complete and comprehensive CV (must present beautifully)
  • Scholarship application form (as per below details)

APPLICATION FORM Self Funding Students for entry to Erasmus Mundus IMAESC in September 2016
APPLICATION FORM for Programme Country Erasmus MundusJoint Degree (EMJD) Scholarship
APPLICATION FORM for Partner Country Erasmus MundusJointDegree (EMJD) Scholarship

Conditional offers

The student who is completing the final year of his/her first degree or who has yet to provide the required evidence of proficiency in English will be considered for entry to the IMAESC programme but will not receive an unconditional offer of a place on the programme until we have received his/her final degree and/or English language test results. In such cases you may be made a conditional offer on finishing your degree at the required grade and/or obtaining the required English language test results. This documentation must be submitted to the IMAESC Consortium via the University of Glasgow before you can enroll on the IMAESC programme.

Likewise, students completing the final year of their first degree may be offered an IMAESC scholarship upon condition that they obtain the outstanding entry requirements for IMAESC (final degree and/or English language results).

Scholarship base students who have received conditional offers of scholarships are expected to provide documentation of a final first degree and the official translations, and English language qualification by the IMAESC programme deadline of 20 July of year of entry.

In all cases you are expected to provide documentation of a final first degree or current academic transcripts and their official translations by the relevant application deadline.

If you are interesting in The International Master in Adult Education for Social Change (IMAESC), you have read out how to get the Erasmus Mundus scholarship for study in abroad, the program of University of Glasgow, do not delay to apply.

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