House Sparrow Nest & Eggs Pictures | 25 Interesting Facts

I have survey and studied much about the house sparrow nest, eggs, facts and have collected few house sparrow nest pictures as well as house sparrow eggs pictures from last month’s researching struggle.

It would be great for me to share my innovative streamline struggle with my readers; surely my article will help you to update your knowledge about the beautiful bird sparrow. In this article I am focusing just on house sparrows how they act and move habitually, what is their behave living with human. I will try my best to state the habits and behavior about nesting, feedings, breeding and genocide etc. I have tried to explain the topic by information, facts and pictures; 1st pictures gallery for house sparrow nest pictures and 2nd pictures gallery for house sparrow eggs pictures to facilitate the kids especially. I know very well kids like to have much inspiring and beautiful birds pics in their house bird’s hatches. According to my findings during survey, kids are likely to feel pleasant moments if they have beautiful sparrows alive or in pictures. Let me to know about this beautiful bird, “Sparrow”.

Information about House Sparrows;

The beautiful and cute “House Sparrow” is a tiny bird belongs with sparrow family “Passeridae” with a typical length of 6.5 inches (including 2 inches tail) and weight up to 40 grams approximately. House sparrows are mostly found in whole of the world. This beautiful bird strongly habitually associated with human’s livings and likes to live houses and other man living places in rural as well as urban areas.

Male sparrow has brighter black, white and brown colors with little big head and female sparrow has pale brown and grey colors.

House sparrow’s delicious food is seeds; however, they like to eat many other man eaten foods such as fruits, vegetables, bread, rice, meat etc.

They live in nests made in houses, old buildings and tree’s branches as well as live in forests.

Some people are sparrow lovers and they kept the house sparrows in beautiful hatching boxes where sparrows make the nests and continue their genocide.

House Sparrow Nest & Eggs Pictures

House Sparrow Nest & Eggs Pictures with 25 Interesting Facts


25 Interesting Facts about House Sparrows

Here 25 interesting facts about house sparrows are being described to get quick overview of the topic.

  1. House sparrows have friendly behavior with human and like to live mostly in man living places.
  2. Sparrows promote their breading and genocide practice by eggs.
  3. They can communicate accurately each other by vocal calls with specific voice for specific purpose.
  4. House sparrows can adjust their selves in all climates. Weather changes can never affect the sparrow’s flights and daily activities.
  5. House sparrows are common in few parasites and diseases founded in the human.
  6. House sparrows are mostly preyed by many animals as well as by human, but this polite bird does never change its habits and continues its friendly behave.
  7. House sparrows can breed in breeding in specific season; male sparrow acts to genocide course and prepares the female sparrow to lay eggs, 5 to 10 eggs in a single clutch.
  8. Mostly house sparrows do not like to migrate from their homelands.
  9. House sparrows mostly like to live in self made nests. They make their nests by grassy branches and broken leaves. However, sometime house sparrows are captivated by human in hatching boxes.
  10. House sparrows are also known by the name of English sparrow due to its origin in Great Britain.
  11. In 1851, house sparrows were first time brought from Great Britain to North America, from where its extensive species are promoted to whole America.
  12. To prey or kill the house sparrows in Texas was legally banned in past.
  13. House sparrow is a Japanese loyalty symbol due to its friendly nature.
  14. House sparrow’s age has been recorded up to 15 years.
  15. House sparrow is not the bird of water, however this bird has the amazing capability to swim underwater to move one place to other. House sparrows mostly can be seen taking bath in water.
  16. House sparrow is most researching bird by the researchers. 5000 research reports have been published on the study of these tiny birds.
  17. House sparrows when feels some tensions and nervous, they flick their tails to release their tensions.
  18. House sparrow cannot fly long. They fly just around their nests and hatches to collect food for their selves and their young ones.
  19. Cats and dogs are the major enemies of house sparrows. However, sparrows feel always unsecure there selves, their youngsters and their eggs from human, human kids and other preying animals.
  20. House sparrows have flexible attitude to feed.
  21. American house sparrow is bigger in size than Asian or African house sparrows.
  22. Asian sparrow has little wild bird attitude and likes to live in forests trees.
  23. Many countries of the world have legally banned house sparrow’s prey.
  24. House sparrow’s flying speed per hour is up to 45 kilo meter with 15 wing beats per second.
  25. House sparrow takes sleep and rest in self made roost.
House Sparrow with Baby Sparrow

House Sparrow with Baby Sparrow

House Sparrow Egg Size and Shape

House Sparrow Egg Size and Shape

House Sparrow Nest Pictures

In below few pictures of house sparrow’s nest are being given so that our respective reader, especially kids can know how a house sparrow likes to live, sleep, roost, breeding, laying eggs and save his young’s. 12 house sparrow nest pictures in the following gallery show different style and varieties of the living places of bird. Definitely these pictures and photos will help us to know the habitations and behavior of the beautiful sparrows. Let me to have eye view touch on the pictures of House sparrow’s nests and roosting.

Pictures Gallery for the House Sparrow Nests


House Sparrow Eggs Pictures

In below few pictures of house sparrow’s eggs are being given so that our respective reader, especially kids can know the egg’s laying habitations, size of eggs and facts about house sparrow eggs. House sparrow clutches usually 5 to 10 eggs in a clutch and egg’s color may white, bluish-white, grey, greenish-white, brown and light pink. Average size of the egg is 20 mm in length, 15 mm in width and 2.9 gram in weight. House sparrow eggs are in the shape of hen’s eggs.

In this post 12 house sparrow’s eggs pictures are given to reach the exact look of the eggs and to understand the real lesson of the topic. Let me to have close eye view touch on the pictures of house sparrow’s eggs.

Pictures Gallery for the House Sparrow Eggs Pictures

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