10 Best Home Based Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

Home base small business ideas in Pakistan are becoming more important as facing economic set back since last few decades. In this article, 10 best home base small business ideas are being shared just giving you a unique concept how you can secure your financial problems being at your home.

Home Based Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

Best Home Based Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

On this page top 10 best, most innovative and new small business ideas practical and feasible for whole PAKISTAN even as anywhere else in world. All these can be started with low amount but can give you very handsome profit on daily or monthly basis. But it is suggested that you must get some knowledge, experience before starting any of these business.

1 – Online Working

If you have some internet skills and knowledge, this is best one idea to earn money sitting at your home. Currently it has become popular among males and females who know internet applications. There are various opportunities to earn online with invest or without investment, you can try it.

2 – Property Business

This is 2nd best idea of small business, you can start property dealing and can earn handsome amount a month depending on your marketing skills and efforts. However, one thing is positive in this setup; you just need few thousands to renovate your office.

3 – Marriage Beuro

If you have credible and convincing skills, you can start a marriage beuro office in your residential area. This setup need very low cost of beginning. It just needs your positive attitude, credibility, sincerity and well doings for both families that are going to marriage their beloved girl and boy to marry.

4 – Kitchen Gardening

May be this idea will be shocking for you, but believe me many people are planting the vegetables, fruits in flower pots placing in the home yards or at terrace. By starting kitchen gardening, you commercialize it as well as save a lot of your own kitchen budget.

5 – Hostel for Students and Working Women

This idea is particularly workable in big cities where huge community of students and working women is looking for secure residences. I know a friend personally who started student hostel in a rental building, now he is the owner of that building. Commercial areas, nearing colleges, universities are the best places to take start.

6 – Food Delivery Services

Under this small business idea, you can set up a weekly menu and advertize your food delivery service in offices and public places. Prepare all food at home and advertise your product as “Home Base Food at Cheap Rate” believe me people will like it. Highly affordable prices and excellent quality are the effective tools getting success in this business.

Best Home Based Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

7 – Day Care Centre

This idea particularly concerns to females. Many working women need a care for their little children while they are in offices or working places. To meet such women’s need, you can open a day care centre at small scale even in your home with your own family taking care of the children.

8 – Tuition Centre/Academy

If you have good education but jobless and also not have money to start a big business, providing tuition services is best one and respectable idea to meet your financial needs. You can teach the students in your academy or can provide a home tuition service in posh areas.

9 – Teaching Quraan Online

Teaching Quraan online is running very successful service these days. If you have good skills of reciting holy Quraan and Arabic grammar, you can start it. The parents living in Non-Muslim countries need a “Qaari” to teach their children, so they approach a Qaari from Pakistan through internet and pay fee in dollars. You need just internet operating skills using skype/facebook/whatsup/viber etc and a little amount to maintain online setup. If you are not “Qaari” you can get services for Qaari’s providing them a communicating setup.

10 – Consultancy

Admission consultancy, visa consultancy, tax consultancy, business consultancy, property consultancy and so many other such term phrases are practical and running successfully in our country from many years. You can explore your own skills exercising anyone of above. You need just few thousands to renovate your office. Honesty is the biggest one tool to be successful in this business.

All above 10 home based small business ideas are affordable to start, highly potentials and growing. You can experiment anyone of them, if you work honestly, hardworking and with passion, I assure you will feel a warm thought in your mind “thank you F9view” after just a year of your start. If you have more query about working and exercising any idea mentioned above, you can write me frequently in below.

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