Fresh Pomegranate Health Benefits

Fresh Pomegranate Health Benefits
Almighty Allah has blessed the human numerous things, especially for eating. Today I would like to discuss about the fresh Pomegranate health benefits like many other fruits. Pomegranate has a keen importance for the human health. Well! Come to know about Pomegranate.

Botanically, pomegranate is a part of small tree growing up to 5-8 meters tall. Pomegranate trees are cultivated in various part of the earth, especially in Iran, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Pakistan and many of central Asian countries. This fruit is available in many varieties, most common varieties are white and red inner colors available from wild plants and as well as from man-planted garden. The pomegranate trees provide spherical, bright reddish, orange and purple colors pomegranate depending on the cultivation areas.

Interior of the pomegranate is very complicated designed by the God separated with white-yellow tissues in multi partitions. Each partition filled up by tiny red or white sweet and delicious thickly combined seeds covered by juicy pulp which play a significant role promoting and maintaining the human health.

If we study the pomegranate nutritionally, we find it a big source of rich ingredients which are highly needed for human health. Pomegranate can be considered as the king of fruits or super rich fruit having unique flavor, delicious taste and health promoting ingredients. Why we can say the pomegranate king of the fruit? You will be answered directly by reading 15 major pomegranate health benefits given below. Before discussing the pomegranate health benefits, I would like to put just a single eye glance on nutritional value of the pomegranate, so that we can properly access the importance of pomegranate for our health.

Nutritional Values of Pomegranate
According to different research reports about pomegranate health benefits, a fresh pomegranate owns following nutrient values.

Following nutrient values are as per 100 gram of pomegranate

Ingredients Nutrient Values
Energy 83 kcal
Carbohydrates 18.7 gram
Fat 1.17 gram
Proteins 1.67 gram
Cholesterol 0
Dietary Fiber 4 gram
Sugar 13.67 gram
Vitamin A 0 IU
Vitamin C 10.2 mg
Vitamin E 0.6 mg
Vitamin K 16.4 ?g
Foliate (vit. B9) 38 ?g
Niacin 0.293 mg
Choline 7.6 mg
Calcium 10 mg
Iron .3 mg
Manganese .119 mg
Magnesium 12 mg
Phosphorus 36 mg
Zinc .35 mg
Sodium 3 mg
Potassium 236 mg
Thiamine (vit. B1) .067 mg


After getting overview of nutritional values of a fresh pomegranate in above table, now come to know what the health benefits of a fresh pomegranate are.
Nutritional Values of Pomegranate


15 Health Benefits of Pomegranates

Use the fresh pomegranate daily and get following benefits promoting your health.

  1. Use of a pomegranate daily protects from heart attack and makes the heart beat smooth.
  2. Pomegranate controls the cholesterols; it lowers the bad cholesterol and ups the good cholesterol.
  3. Use of one fresh pomegranate daily saves the stomach from various diseases. Take up a pomegranate seeds and 250g yogurt, grand each other into juice to drink, it will protect your stomach and eliminate many hidden diseases from your body.
  4. Fresh pomegranate controls the blood pressure.
  5. One is big and most health benefit of fresh pomegranate, it fight against breast cancer cells and prevent our body from breast cancer.
  6. Fresh pomegranate protects us from prostate cancer.
  7. Fresh pomegranate protects our lungs from cancer.
  8. Fresh pomegranate is also beneficial in protecting the lungs from Tuberculosis.
  9. Fresh pomegranate juice makes the teeth neat, clean and beautiful.
  10. Usage of fresh pomegranate on daily basis makes the skin color white and healthy. Because it has a deep concern with liver functions, purifying and creating fresh blood.
  11. Usage of fresh pomegranate daily highly beneficiates to strong bones.
  12. Regular use of fresh pomegranate has many benefits for our brain. It makes the brain healthy and increase the memory.
  13. Seeds of the pomegranate are the big source of fiber and fibers are the exact ingredients to protect the stomach from constipation.
  14. Pomegranate powder is most used making the face masks. Pomegranate powder mask has many benefits beautifying the skin, especially hands and face skin.
  15. Fresh pomegranate is highly beneficial for kids. As you have read in nutritional values table above, pomegranate owns rich ingredients most important for human body. A fresh pomegranate is big source to get vitamins and minerals, most needed ingredient for kid’s health.


A Personal Testimonial about the Health Benefits of Fresh Pomegranate
One year ago, I was suffering constipation resulting many other problems in the body. Due to constipation, an endless headache remained with me and I was worried about the situation. My daily routine was disturbed. Meanwhile a friend met me and I told him my problem. He advised me to use pomegranate in morning when stomach empty. He gave me a half page broacher with the title “Fresh Pomegranate Health Benefits for Human”. I read a recipe and got to start. The recipe was to make a shake by one fresh pomegranate and 250 gram yogurt and 1 glass of fresh water and drink it in morning when stomach empty. I exercised this recipe just for one month. After one month I felt myself enough healthy person. Now this recipe has become the part of my regular food and I can say myself a lucky person who is enjoying a good health.

After the productive discussion about the fresh pomegranate health benefits, now come to review the few pictures of pomegranate and pomegranate trees.

Pomegranate HD Wallpapers
Well! Now I would like to aware you about the beautiful pictures and trees of pomegranate. Following gallery includes 25 beautiful pictures of pomegranate and trees of pomegranate in high definition and high quality of resolution and can be considered the best pomegranate HD wallpapers. 25 high definition wallpapers of pomegranate and trees of pomegranate are in different dimensions. If you want put these HD wallpapers on your mobile displays or desktop displays, you can choose any wallpaper as per your screen resolution size. Pomegranate HD wallpapers gallery contains the standard resolution sizes in different dimensions.

Let to review the gallery of trees and pomegranate HD wallpapers in below. 


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