First Worldwar | Wallpaper Backgrounds WW1 Weapons

Today’s topic first worldwar and wallpaper background WW1 weapons will be discussed in two parts;

  1. A Short Overview of First Worldwar
  2. Wallpaper Background WW1 Weapons Used In The War

First Worldwar and Wallpaper Backgrounds WW1 Weapons

First World War – WWI
1st world war, WWI is a drastic incident of the history. The war among the nations eliminated more than 9 million lives and destroyed infrastructure east to west and north to south. The war started on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918. WWI was fought between two big alliances, entente powers and central powers. In entente power alliance, United Kingdom, France, Canada, United States, India, Russia, Japan, Italy and many other friendly states were participators. Central power alliance contained German Empire, Prussia, Baden, Bulgaria, Hungary, Bavaria etc. First World War is also called Great War. This crucial war was ended after 4 years resulted thousands military and civil persons killed, and long list of social and economic damages.

Wallpaper Background WW1 Weapons Used In The War
Now come to exact topic, to review the pictures of weapons in the World War 1 used. When First World War was happened, there was no advance and dangerous weapons as compare to the recent weapon list. That time was not atomic weapon time like 2nd world war. However, in below gallery most common used WW1 weapons pictures and wallpaper background are available to view.

Guns, pistols, Cannons, light aircrafts, bombing shells are most common used weapons in the World War 1. Pictures of these WW1 weapons are given in below gallery which can be used as wallpaper backgrounds and screen saver.

Let to review the wallpaper backgrounds WW1 weapons in the gallery below;

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