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The topic facts and information about lions and lion backgrounds can be discussed separately. In first part facts about lions how they live and more information about lions and in second part lion backgrounds and pictures will be discussed.

Facts and Information about Lions & Lion Backgrounds

Facts and Information about Lions

Lion is a wild animal and known as king of wild. Wild lions currently can be found most of Africa, Europe, Asia, America and various other parts of the world. History of the lion goes to 10,000 years long. According to the physical information about lions, male lion normally grows up to 10 fit in length and 325 to 550 pounds in weight. Female lion grows less in length up to 9 fit and 260 to 400 pounds in weight. The facts about lions are they like to live in groups and hunt the other wild animal as food. The lion’s body is very strong for hunting. They can run with strong forelimbs and jaws and can bring down their prey easily.

According to the facts and information about lions published by the National Zoo, a wild lion lives about 10 to 12 years, while a female lion lives up to 15 years, few years’ more than male lion. However, the lions in zoo live more time up to 20 years due to better look after. A lion can run 80 kilo meter per hour and can jump far as about up to 35 fit when chasing prey. It is also a fact about lions, their roar can be heard up to 8 km away.

According to the facts and information report by National Zoo;
A lion drinks water 4 to 5 times a day, but he can live 4 to 5 days without drinking water.
A lion can hear prey from a 1.5 km away.
A lion can easily smell his prey and can estimate its presence in the area.
An amazing fact and information about lions is the male lion eats first if the female lion catches the prey.
The gestation time period is 110 days approximately.
Normally lionesses come to pregnant when they are four yours of age.
Hybrids gestation is possible in lions.
Lions spend up to 20 hours a day resting, 2 hours walking and up to 1 hour eating.
It is a common known fact about the lions, they eat only live meat.
Lions and cats are most common habitually.

There are many other facts and information about lions but due to lake of space and to save the reader time, most common facts and information are given above. Now come to review the lion backgrounds themes and wallpapers in below heading.

Lion Backgrounds Themes and Wallpapers
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