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F-16 Fighter Aircraft

F-16 Fighter Aircraft
F-16 fighter aircraft is a product of Lockheed Martin, USA. Originally F-16 fighter aircraft was designed by General Dynamics Company for the military use. But in 1995, General Dynamic sold the production to Lockheed Martin, and now the production of F-16 is under the Lockheed Martin. Initially the F-16 aircraft was under use of the Air Force of USA but later on other countries were supplied time to time. Approximately 25 other countries have been supplied by this aircraft.
This fighter falcon is most popular due to its distinguish features and with numerous innovations including a frameless bubble canopy for better visibility, side-mounted control stick to ease control while maneuvering, a seat reclined 30 degrees to reduce the effect of g-forces on the pilot. This unique technology based product, F-16 fighter aircraft of Lockheed Martin has almost all feature in it which are the requirement of fighting air weapon. If we want to study its operational performance, the results are very excellent in USA, Israel, Turkey and Pakistan’s operations done by different times. In short F-16 is a pride product of Lockheed Martin.

F-16 Fighter Aircraft in a Glance;
Produced by:                General Dynamics (Lockheed Martin)
Country:                        United States of America, (USA)
Aircraft Role:                Multirole fighter aircraft
First flight:                    20 January 1974
Introduced:                  17 August 1978
Used by:                        Initially used by USA and currently by 25 different countries.
Cost:                              F-16A/B $14.6 million and F-16C/D $18.8 million
Performance:                Lightweight fighter aircraft with highly accurate efficiency.

Above are the short details of F-16 fighter aircraft by Lockheed Martin, if someone wants more explanation, than visit the manufacturer website. Now come to our next topic F-16 fighter aircraft by Lockheed Martin’s wallpapers.

HD Wallpapers F-16 fighter aircraft by Lockheed Martin
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