Changa Manga Forest Pictures and Its Natural View

Changa Manga Forest/Jungle Introduction

Changa Manga jungle is located in the tehsil Chunian, District Kasur, 75 KM away from Lahore. Distance from Pattoki city is just 7 KM approximately. Beautiful and awesome pics and natural view of Changa Manga forest explain the great past story of two famous persons who were real brothers called “Changa” and “Manga” both brothers had fought bravely with British Raj before partition of sub-continent.

It was the biggest effort of the human planting a forest. So you can say Changa Manga forest is largest man planted forest in the Asia. The forest covers an area of 48.6 square km, or 12510 acres. The Forest of change manga has been started to plant in 1866 in British Raj and within few years it was completed. The natural view of the jungle is very beautiful.

A story of two brothers is related this area. Change and Manga were two real brothers and were famous as looter. But story tellers say, in fact, their fight was against “British Raj” They used the jungle to hide in thick forests. BRB canal and railway track passing in between the jungle is multiplying the beauty of the jungle and seeing the nature.

Most common trees in the jungle are Dalbergia Sissoo (sheesham), Acacia nilotica, (kikar), white mulberry (Morus Alba) and Eucalyptus, Populus etc. In 1960, a national park, called Changa Manga Forest Park, was developed. And same time Mehtabi Jheel, Mehtabi Lake was made. Mehtabi Lake is the biggest manmade lake. One wildlife park is also here where many wild animals are present.

Changa Manga is also serving as a wildlife breeding center. This beautiful forest is being administrated by Punjab Forest Department at district level. Many people country wide come here to celebrate their picnics and parties. The visitors come here to enjoy and to give the beauty to their album of Changa Manga forest pictures.

Changa Manga Forest Distance from Lahore

Changa Manga Google Map shows the total distance from Lahore is 75km via Chunhang, Phoolnagar, Jumber through Multan Road.

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Changa Manga Forest Distance from Lahore

Changa Manga Wallpapers/Pictures

In below a beautiful collection of nature latest wallpapers and backgrounds, Changa Manga Wallpapers/Pictures for pc, windows and mobile is available on the page of A nice collection of Changa Manga forest pictures, Changa Manga forest images and photos with its natural views is available to download for your desktop backgrounds.


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