Boys Room Decorating Ideas

We have shared with you little girls room decorating ideas already. Now we are going to share the boys room decorating ideas. 20 best boys room ideas with design pictures and details how boy rooms can be decorated in the manners of looking well. In this post we have tried our best to provide you the world’s best ornate architectural and interior designer’s ideas to make your beloved baby boy’s room beautiful.  All the ideas given in this post have been collected and posted on this page by discussion with well reputed world ranking architectures and interior designers. Have a detailed discussion about wall art, bedding, rugs, mirrors, posters, windows and furniture for the outclass decoration of boys rooms.


Pic 1, Boys Room Decorating Ideas, 14x16 Room Size
A glance view of boys room’s designs may vary country to country, and society to society but the basic theme of designs are very close to same around the world. Some people take the girls room decorating ideas as same the boys room decorating ideas but they never know the boys taste and activities are different than girls. Baby boys psychosomatic, likes and dislikes are different from little girls. Let’s to have the detailed discussion how boys room can be decorated to be viewing nice. Assuredly these ideas will make happy your beloved little angel, cute boys.

Following are the 20 best heading to discuss the ideas for little boys room decorating ideas;

  1. Room Size
  2. How to Paint Over Wallpaper
  3. Decorate the Walls by Fascinating Sceneries
  4. Room Must Be Equipped With Proper Furniture
  5. Room Furniture Must be Contrasted
  6. Accurate Matching Contrast of Pillows and Bed-sheet
  7. Room Must be Colorful
  8. Partition of the Room
  9. Display a Time Table Chart in the Room
  10. Clean up the Room After Play Time
  11. Books Library
  12. Toys and Hobbies
  13. Indoor must to reflect the Outdoor
  14. Computer
  15. Music, Movies and Television
  16. Lighting
  17. Happy Campers
  18. Hanging Bed Between the Walls
  19. High-Contrast Painted Space
  20. Use of Natural Colors


Now come to explanation of above headings.

Room Size
To have an ideal interior of the boys room, it is recommended the room size must be in normal dimensions, not much big and nor much small. Standard size of little boys room is 14’x16’ with ceiling height 8 to 10 fit. The room size in width or length may little plus or minus but keep in mind above is most practical size worldwide. Please be aware much big size or much small size definitely will reduce the heart touching beauty of your lovely boy room. To get exact view of the room size please view the pictures No 1 given in the below gallery of boys room decorating ideas.

How to Paint Over Wallpaper
Wallpaper work on the walls is most compulsory topic to discuss to have beautiful boys rooms. You know kids much like the colors and beautiful colors contrast. So walls of the room must be worked out with proper wallpaper designing in very close contrast matching with over all room color scheme. To get exact view of the wallpaper work on the walls please view the picture No 2 given in the below gallery.

Decorate the Walls by Fascinating Sceneries
Kids are usually very close to the nature. Habitually they like to enjoy every beautiful thing. A boy room must be decorated by fixing the most attractive, stunning and fascinating sceneries on the walls. Sceneries may be of natural views, animal pictures, small kid’s pictures etc. It is important to note, choosing the sceneries you should be aware by your boy’s taste what he wants to see. Please follow the picture No 3 in the below gallery of boys room decorating ideas to take exact concept of decoration by a scenery.

Room Must Be Equipped with Proper Furniture
Boy’s room must be equipped by proper furniture like sleeping bed, sitting chairs, kid’s table, small size sofa, cupboard, shelf, the book cupboard and computer table. Keep in mind the room should never over populated by furniture. Just important and daily use able furniture items should be in small boys rooms. Over populated and extra furniture will create un-necessary hurdles for the boy and he can feel boredom. Please follow the picture No 4 in the below gallery to take exact idea of boys room decorating by furniture.

Room Furniture Must be Contrasted
The furniture placed in the room should be in well designing and colored by accurate contrast of colors. Each piece of furniture must be painted in the matching contrast each other and as well as walls, roof, carpet of the room and other accessories exist in the room. Well contrasted and fitted furniture surely will make your little guy’s room beautiful and attractive. Picture No 5 in the below decoration designs gallery is an exact explanation of boys room decoration by contrasted and fitted furniture. In the picture orange, blue, pink, white and green colors are showing the best idea of contrasted furniture fitted with walls and roof colors.

Accurate Matching Contrast of Pillows and Bed-sheet
Accurate matching contrast of pillows and bed-sheet is most important to beautify your little cute boy’s room.  Create an inspired color contrast between the pillows and bed-sheet. If the bed-sheet is in bold sharp color, the pillows should be little light colors in colorful designing and vise versa. Stuff of the bed-sheep must be comfortable. A silky stuff can create disturbance. Picture No 6 is showing a beautiful and accurate color and stuff contrast.

Colorful Room
The 7th best idea for decorating the boys room is accurate and beautiful color contrast and matching. Kids naturally are color loving, so create a wonderful look in the room it is important the walls, doors, windows and roof (each and every thing) should be in very close contrast and matching like picture No 7 in below gallery. You can see the orange, white and blue color contrast for boys room decorating ideas in a sophisticated manner.

Partitions of the Room
To Decorate well the room should be in partition with artsy inspiration touch. Whole space of the room must be divided as play partition, homework partition and sleeping bed partition. The partition should not such a way the room look covered by internal walls. A professional and artsy approach must be followed to create partitions. Picture No 8 in the below gallery can be viewed as example how boys room can be decorated by creating partitions.

Display a Time Table Chart in the Room
A time table chart should be display on the front wall of boy’s sleeping bed. It will help to make your lovely guy’s disciplined, punctuate and scheduled. Study timing, play timing, TV and movie timing and sleeping time must be stated on the time table chart. Please view the visual idea in the picture No 9 in below gallery of boys room decorating ideas.

Clean up the Room After Play Time
When the play time end, the room should be clean up by closing all toys and play instruments. There will be colorful bins and baskets and also shelf in the walls which can be used for storage for all. See the picture No 10 in the gallery of boys room decorating ideas, where upper shelves are used to store the toys and playing instruments and lower shelves are used to store the books. It is best idea to make neat and clean of your beloved guy’s room.

Book Library
Boys room must have a library where small books should be available to read. Short stories, basic ethics of life, the name list of the successful people, such type books will surely helpful in personal development of the boy. So it is an important idea to have a meaningful and best interior and decoration of your small kid. The book library will also multiply the interior beauty of the room. Please view the picture No 11 where this idea has been visually explained.

Toys and Hobbies
To have well decorated boys rooms, the room must be equipped by different toys and other instruments as per boys hobbies. Let suppose the boy likes music, the room should have music instruments. The boy likes riding, the toys in cars, bikes or horses should be in the room. View the picture No 12 for well explanation this Idea.

Indoor must to reflect the Outdoor
A natural inspired boys room may called a best room for a small kid. Please view the picture No 13 where the room’s walls have been decorated thus a way, the trees are showing just existing out of the room and sunny green and orange color on lower wall with window scenery are emphasizing the this piece of inspiration. Indoor representing the outdoor as the small kid likes naturally.

Computer and Internet
In the baby boys ideas for decoration, the internet and computer are also very important item. Boys room have each and everything in its decoration but has no computer, all the ideas may be called incomplete and lame. So a well decorated boys room must has a computer and internet access. It is most important for parents to have check and balance on internet activities of their boy. They should monitor every bad and good activity of the boy. So to have control on this access the computer must be placed in the room as presented in picture No 14 in the gallery of boys room decorating ideas.

Music, Movies and Television
Boys Rooms must be provided with music instruments, the movies CD’s they like, and television. Its parent’s duty to have check and balance, how their cute boys use these facilities.

Lighting is a major factor to make the room beautiful. Lighting must be in color contrast matching as the walls, roof and room accessories are renovated. See the Picture No 16 where the contrasted lights making the room so much fascinating. Chandeliers bulbs in off white faint light are making the orange, blue and light purple colors most attractive and dignified.

Happy Campers
Use the neutral colors and furniture in the room to create a sophisticated inner space and hang aircrafts around the room. Follow picture No 17 in the gallery of boys room decorating ideas where a large model of aircraft is hanging on the front of sleeping bed. Pillows covers paintings also have aircraft pictures showing your beloved guy’s love of flying. So the room can be decorated like this with many other items. Keep in mind, those items should select which can be replaced easily when the kid’s interests change.

Hanging Bed Between the Walls
It is a universal truth, kids always correlative and loves the swings. The purpose of decorating the boy’s room is only to make them happy and comfortable. This is very amazing idea to make the room comfortable for your beloved boy hanging the bed between the walls just like as swing. Picture No 18 is the best example of this idea.

High- Contrast Painted Space
Small boys love the colors. They want to have their things in high-contrasted and matching colors. As they want their colorful school bag and accessories, also they like to have a colorful room. Light color-contrasted room can never inspire the kids. So it is highly recommended, the boys room must be decorated and renovated with high-contrasted and matching colors. Please view the high contrasted and matching color scheme in picture No 19 given below gallery of boys room decorating ideas. In this interior picture you can find a best sharp high contrasted blue color with white color.

Use of Natural Colors
In all above discussion you have read different rich ideas for boys room decorations. One thing is common in above ideas, the little boys love colors. Kids are very close to the nature. They like nature and want to see everything in natural stuff. So the selecting the colors for decoration of the boys rooms, natural colors should be selected like blue, green, white and orange.

In above discussion about the boys room decorating ideas, one thing is common that is “color”. So it is most important to have visionary skill selecting the colors for boys room hue. Walls painting and color scheme, roof color scheme, furniture’s color, pillows, bed-sheets, carpet, each and every thing existing in the room very closely concerned with colors, especially natural colors to have a gorgeous and attractive interior of boys room. Orange, blue, white and green colors contrast and matching definitely will give an amazing and awesome beauty for your lovely baby boy.

Pictures of Boys Room Decorating Ideas

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