Banana Nutrition Facts and Benefits

Banana is very important part of human food and plays significant role in human health. Today I would like to post banana nutrition facts and benefits so that we can know how banana is important to maintain our health. This article has been classified in different sub-headings to catch a quick lesson from the topic.

Banana Nutrition Facts and BenefitsBanana Nutrition Facts and Benefits

A banana is an edible fruit available in different kinds, size, color and firmness. Banana fruit is a part of 12 to 16 fit tall tree having long green color leaves. Banana trees are mostly cultivated in various parts of the world and most desired delicious fruit for kids to elders. Now come to know about the banana nutrition facts and health benefits as well as types how many banana has.

How Many Types of Banana in the World
Banana fruit is available in different kinds in various part of the world. Most common and delicious varieties of bananas are being described in below with short but comprehensive introduction.

Baby Banana: Baby banana is usually in small sizes and very delicious in taste. This variety is generally used as snack product for little kids. Its normal size is half of Cavendish sizes of banana.
Red Banana: This variety is available in America and some African countries. Red banana is also delicious in taste and amazing in color. Its upper color is reddish and inner pulp is off white.
Manzano: Manzano variety of banana is available in Central and South America. This kind of banana is full nutrient and have full benefits for health as described in the article.
Plantain: Plantain kind of banana is very rare variety and usually used as cooked item. This variety of banana is also full of nutrient and has a nice taste. It is generally found in Latin America and in few desserts of the world. It is also called dessert banana.
Burro Banana: Burro variety of banana is also called chunky banana and is often available in Latin America. This kind of banana is in yellow color skin and has most delicious taste in eating.
Asian Banana: This variety of banana is likely available in Asian countries China, Pakistan, India and few other countries. This variety of banana is unique in its taste and full nutrient values and health benefits for human life. Average weight a single banana is 100 gram and color is yellow in bow shape.



Banana Nutrition Per 100g
Per 100 gram banana’s nutritional values may be as;

Ingredient Name Nutrient Value in Per 100g
Energy 89 kcal
Carbohydrates 22.82g
     Sugars 12.23g
     Dietary Fiber 2.6g
Proteins 1.09g
Vitamin A 64 IU
Vitamin B6 0.4mg
Vitamin C 8.7mg
Vitamin E 0.10mg
Vitamin K 0.5 µg
Pantothenic acid 0.334mg
Niacin (vit. B3) 0.665mg
Thiamine (vit. B1) 0.031mg
Riboflavin (vit. B2) 0.073mg
Folate (vit. B9) 20?g
Choline 9.8mg
Iron 0.26mg
Phosphorus 22mg
Manganese 0.27mg
Magnesium 27mg
Potassium 358mg
Zinc 0.15mg
Fluoride 2.2 µg
Sodium 1.00mg
Calories 90

We can see and analyze clearly from above summary of banana nutrition facts how the banana fruit is important in maintaining our health. Following details are clarifying the banana benefits for our health.

Banana Health Benefits for Men
As you have read above, banana has very rich nutrients but 1 ingredient in banana is very important for men health that is Vitamins B6. Vitamin B6 supports men’s immune system and protects red blood cells, ensures proper functioning of nerve system. Use of banana on daily basis before meal or after meal definitely makes a man healthy. Banana milk shake is also a rich food for the men.

Banana Health Benefits for MenBanana Health Benefits for Men

Banana Health Benefits for Women
As banana is important for men as this delicious fruit is important for women’s health. Banana’s health benefits are same and important for house lady or working woman. Due to its energetic nutrients every woman must make the banana part of her diet on daily basis. Regular usage of banana is highly supportive in the reproduction system. Richest ingredients required for health of a woman are found in this delicious fruits as mentioned in above banana nutrition table.

Banana Health Benefits for WomenBanana Health Benefits for Women

Banana Health Benefits In Pregnancy
A woman need extra energy during pregnancy period. Mostly she needs 200 to 300 extra calories in her daily diet. Per 100 gram banana owns 90 calories, and the usage of 3 to 4 bananas may fulfill the daily requirement of a pregnant woman. Others rich nutrient facts of banana described in above table are also helpful for a woman in pregnancy. Banana is a soft pulpy fruit and easily acceptable for the stomach.

Banana Health Benefits In PregnancyBanana Health Benefits In Pregnancy

Banana Health Benefits for Kids
According to banana nutrition facts and health benefits survey, banana fruit owns a big amount of benefits for kids. It is clear kid’s growth needs a rich and healthy diet. God gifted ingredients in the banana are most helpful for the good growth of kids. Banana is easily acceptable and digestible pulpy fruit for the kids and has all important ingredients which require kids for good growth. A balance amount of calories, vitamins, proteins, and Carbohydrates is highly supporting ingredients for a growing kid.

Banana Health Benefits for KidsBanana Health Benefits for Kids

Banana Health Benefits for Heart
Banana’s nutrition facts report shows us it has note able benefits for our heart. Banana is a cholesterol free and cholesterol controlling fruit. It minimizes the bad cholesterol and maximizes the good cholesterol in our body. Balanced amount of calories, vitamins and proteins in a banana definitely are highly protecting components for the excellent health of the heart. Regular use of banana make the heart beat smooth.

Banana Health Benefits for HeartBanana Health Benefits for Heart

Banana Health Benefits for Brain
It has been seen, the people who use the banana regular are mostly intelligent and own a healthy brain. They do hard work to hours but never feel brain fatigue. Why? Because the rich nutritional facts found in the banana are beneficiating them on natural level. A proper heart beat is also a major supportive element for brain health. Regular usage of banana may play a significant role in our brain health.

Banana Health Benefits for BrainBanana Health Benefits for Brain

Banana Health Benefits for Skin
Well! Come to know most important benefit of banana being exercised nowadays. As you have read the nutritional value and facts in above table, a banana has a substantial amount proteins and vitamins. Proteins and vitamins play a keen role to make the human skin healthy and beautify. Nowadays banana is most being used in home-made mask recipes beautifying the face and hand skin. Banana is helpful in both situations either eating or using in facial masks recipes. Use the banana regular and make your skin beautiful.

Banana Health Benefits for SkinBanana Health Benefits for Skin

Banana Health Benefits for Eyes
Vitamins A are most important for eyes. The people, who take up vitamins A regular in their food, enjoy the strong eye side. Above nutritional facts table shows us, banana is a big source of vitamin A. Guava is first big source of Vitamins A and banana is 2nd big source of Vitamins A. Use the banana regular and strong your eye side.

Banana Health Benefits for Eyes                          Banana Health Benefits for Eyes

Banana Health Benefits for Hairs
According to the banana nutrition facts and benefits reports, banana is very useful to caring the hairs. You know banana is a reasonable source of Iron, Vitamins, and Proteins and many other most important nutrients need for our body. Proper working of stomach, smooth creation and circulation of blood in the body surely affect the hairs. To have healthy and brighten long hair, usage of banana is most important. Eating even a single banana daily will give you amazing resulting protecting the hairs to healthy.

Banana Health Benefits for HairsBanana Health Benefits for Hairs


25 Powerful Reasons to Eat Bananas
Why should a common person eat the banana daily? Following are the 25 powerful reasons to eat banana to get health benefits stated above and being stated below.

  • Daily use of banana helps to control the cholesterol level in the body.
  • According to the nutrient values of banana, eating 2-3 bananas daily help to control the blood sugar level in the body.
  • Regular usage of banana makes human’s brain strong and protects his nerve system.
  • Iron nutrient found in the banana makes the bones strong.
  • Vitamins found in the banana provide the most important health benefit well growing of the body.
  • Usage of banana protects the body from heart diseases.
  • Regular usage of banana ensures to smooth the heart beat.
  • Banana protects the human body from cancer disease.
  • Banana is highly beneficial for stomach due to its soft nature and May easily absorbable as the part of food.
  • Usage of banana after the meal helps the food to convert into blood.
  • Usage of banana makes the skin healthy and beautiful.
  • Nutrient found in banana Vitamin A is highly supportive to maintain human eye side.
  • Banana includes Vitamin C which is a protecting wall against the infections and toxics exist in the body.
  • Balanced amount of calories found in banana helps to sustain normalization of the whole inner system of the body.
  • Speedy digestible quality of banana remains the stomach normal and never feels any burden to the stomach.
  •  Fiber nutrient found in the banana saves the stomach from constipation.
  • A reasonable and balanced amount of mineral available in banana cause to reproduction of red cells in the blood.
  • According to the banana nutrition and health benefits report, banana includes potassium and potassium is major component helping to control the blood and heart beat level.
  • The important reason of using banana in kids is its pulp easily digestible and soft to easily acceptable for stomach.
  • Banana is a most delicious fruit that’s why everyone likes to eat it.
  • Banana milk shake is most delicious food for elders and kids.
  • Banana is easily available fruit on cheap rates normally and a common person can easily purchase this delicious fruit.
  • Bananas are being eaten as curry.


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