Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem

Short Introduction
Aqsa Mosque known as the masjid e aqsa (Al Aqsa Mosque) is the 3rd holiest place for the Muslims, located in the old city of Jerusalem. This Holly site is also known as Al Aqsa and Bayt al Muqaddas. The mosque is called Qibla e Awal in Islamic world. The history of the Aqsa Mosque is very long and the mosque has very importance between Muslims and Jews. Jews claim their religion concern to the Mosque, on other side Muslims claim their keen concern on Aqsa masjid. The reality is this, the mosque is 1st Qiblah in Islam. Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w and his Ummah led prayers towards the Aqsa Mosque until the 17th month after the emigration when God directed them to turn towards the khana kaba, mecca.

Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem

The Muslims believes, Holly Prophet (pbuh) was transported by a “Buraak sent by Allah” from the Al Aqsa Mosque in Mecca to Al Aqsa during the night journey. Al Aqsa Mosque was originally a small prayer house having 5000+ Capacity of prayers but it was rebuilt in different times by different Caliphs of Islam. The Mosque was destroyed two times by earthquakes, 1st in 746 AD and 2nd in 1033 AD and was rebuilt. From beginning of Islam, the al aqsa mosque was under control of Muslims but in 1099 AD Crusaders captured the Jerusalem and took over the control of aqsa mosque. They used the mosque as palace and church but after just 90 years, in 1187 AD, the great Muslim Mujahid sultan Salahuddin Ayubi recaptured the Jerusalem and restore the masjid-e-aqsa. In 1967, the area was decontrolled, now the old city of Jerusalem is under control of Israel and the al aqsa mosque is under the control of Palestinian-led Islamic waqf. Masjid e aqsa is an Arabic word, its English synonyms is “the farthest mosque”.

Aqsa Mosque Wallpapers
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