Amazing Animal Facts and Pictures

As per our slogan “We want to explore beauty of the world” today I would like to upload the amazing animal facts and pictures. God has made the universe very beautiful. Sometime we see still beauty of the world and sometime we see moveable beauty of the world. Everyone knows the animals contribute a big part in moveable beauty of the world. This is so much inspiring topic for kids as well as for old, for all gender, male and female.

When I decided to write on amazing animals and started to collect the facts and pictures, I was superbly surprised by getting a huge material available online about the animals. I found different websites having facts and information about animal’s pages to pages. I found much more animals HD wallpapers for windows 7 free download able for a common net user and fan of animals. I tried it my level to read all available material and enjoyed it to update myself, meanwhile I felt a problem for common person who has very less time to read. They want to have a summary about the facts, information and pictures of animals, so that they can know enough shortly. We will discuss the topic in three parts; first is definition of animal, second is amazing animal facts and third is amazing animal pictures which include the pictures gallery in the bottom of the post.

Definition of Animal

An animal can be defined as a living  and moveable creation of nature that may multicellular organism of the kingdom Animalia with certain typical characteristics such as reproduction, locomotion, growing until fixed growth on a certain time.

Amazing Animal Facts and Pictures


An animal grows from his birth but eventually his body becomes stable on a fixed stage of development. An animal is organism mammal other than human. According to the animal definition of Oxford dictionary generally an animal is distinguish from plants and trees and he has to feed on plants and in certain environment he has to feed on other animals.

Definition of Animal & Amazing Facts and Pictures of AnimalsDefinition of Animal & Amazing Facts and Pictures of Animals

An animal is a living mammal organism which feeds, has sense organs and nervous system to access, and also able to respond rapidly in reaction. Horses, dogs, cats, loins, wolves, cows, goats, sheep, kangaroo and deer are few examples to be animals.

Amazing Animal Facts

Here few most popular animals are discussed below and only one most amazing fact of each animal is mentioned to just in picture you about topic “Amazing Animal Facts”.

1.    Horse; Horse is most popular and historical animal in the world. Most beautiful horses in the world remained human’s priority topic always. One thing is very amazing concern with this strong and claver animal, this is able to sleep both standing up and lying down. Horse sleeps longer in summer season than in winter season. A healthy horse lies down only about 45 minutes daily.

2.    Dog; Dog is also another most popular and friendly concerned animal to human. Dog has co-evolved through living together with human for over 12,000 years. One most common and amazing thing attaches with dogs, they have capability to understand the men’s words and gestures, and even they can count numerics. Dogs can understand as the human two year old child can.

3.    Cat; Cat is human loving animal and the people are likely to have cats in their homes and as well as to have cute cat pictures HD wallpapers to decorate their displays and room walls. One amazing fact about the cats is it has biologically similar brain to a human. Cats can response similar to human. This animal is highly sensible and has co-evolved through living together with human for over thousands of years.

4.    Lion; Lion is known as king of wild and habitually is similar to cat. We can know the lion as “big cat” likely to live in groups. According to the research report of facts and information about lions, a healthy lion drinks water 4 to 5 times a day but amazingly he can live 4 to 5 days without drinking water.

5.    Wolf; Wolf is a wild animal and factually has many unique and amazing habits. According to wolf facts and information reports, the wolf can chase his prey in very large range up to 6200 square km rapidly.

6.    Cow; Cow is the animal which can be classified as cattle and can be referred as the foster mother of human. She is mostly known to provide the human dairy products like milk, butter etc. One interesting and amazing thing about cows is, they have only their teeth on bottom and no have upper teeth. Cows normally move their jaws 40,000 times per day.

7.    Goat; Goat is a domestic animal classified to as cattle. There are more than 300 distinct breeds of goats worldwide. Goat’s history is very long as to 7,000 B.C. One most amazing fact about goats is their surviving when the fainting goat is startled. Her freezers for 10 seconds and collapses stiffly. This is a genetic disorder called myotonia congenital. As the goats become older they learn to spread their legs when startled and do a stiff-legged shuffle. Not even a genetic disorder can keep a goat down.

8.    Sheep; Sheep is also a domestic animal and contributes a big part in livestock in different countries. A one thing is most amazing about sheep; this has more than one stomach. This means sheep is a ruminants animal and when it eats, the food goes through 4 chambers during his digestion process. Green food like grass and dry hay make the sheep strong and healthy.

9.    Kangaroo; Kangaroo is a wild animal and very interesting habitually. Most common fact about this animal, a female kangaroo owns well determination during sex of her offspring. She can even delay her gestation amazingly when she feels environmental factors are not suitable and likely to diminish the chance of birthing young surviving. Kangaroo’s front legs are smaller than back legs.

10. Deer; Deer is also a wild animal and known by his sensitivity and decency. Most amazing facts attach to the deer are; there are white spots mostly found on the deer’s body but eventually these spots end within a year. Deer can take first step just within half an hour of his birth and can jump high and can swim well when he grows up to one year.


There is a long list of animals and amazing facts of animals but this article is just an overview of top 10 most popular animals. Now let me to touch last part of my topic, amazing animal pictures.

Amazing Animal Pictures

Amazing pictures of animals do mostly inspiring one to kids, and animal loving people. The post includes most amazing animal pictures which also can be known as best amazing funny pictures 2013. All pictures are in different size, resolution and color contrast. These pictures are to be likely considered as the best animals HD wallpapers for Windows 8 free download able for all users. It is highly anticipated my effort will be appreciated to encourage me to provide you more beautiful and nice collections of amazing pictures especially pictures of the animals. Let me to provide you the beautiful amazing picture gallery of different animals.

Amazing Picture of HorseAmazing Picture of Horse
Beautiful and amazing picture of horse is here in best view. You know horse is very important animal and has much more inspiring characteristics to attract the human. When we read about facts and information about horse, we found him in a historical friendship of human. Horse’s history goes along to 30000 B.C.

Amazing Animal Pictures of DogAmazing Animal Pictures of Dog
Dog also remained most important animal for man. In 2001, a survey was done to collect the facts and information about dogs; it was found there are 400 million dogs in the world. In above picture, dogs are amazingly flying over the wire barrier. 

Facts and Amazing Picture of CatsFacts and Amazing Picture of Cats
Cat is a tiny and sensible and friendly living with human animal on the earth. This animal can be known as wild animal as well as domestic animal and classified to pets. History of the cat is also goes along with history of human. In above amazing picture of cats, you can see a factual characteristic of this amazing animal it owns sharp and brightening eyes.

Amazing Animal Picture, LionAmazing Animal Picture, Lion
Lion is known as king of Jungle. Lion owns many amazing facts to know. Numerous articles and books have been written on lion. In above amazing picture of lion, he is catching at his prey.  

Amazing Picture of WolfAmazing Picture of Wolf
Wolf is habitually and factually similar to dog. Some people say the wolf a wild dog. In above picture wolves are howling each other during certain moments as dog acts. 

Amazing Natural Picture of CowAmazing Natural Picture of Cow
Cow is known as foster mother human providing dairy products such as milk, butter and meat. In above picture, an amazing cow is seeing angry with her big horns standing in a grassy field.  

Goat in Amazing Animal Picture’s GalleryGoat in Amazing Animal Picture’s Gallery
In above picture, cute tiny lamb is standing in thick grassy lawn representing his mother as amazing picture of animal. 

Amazing Animal Picture of SheepAmazing Animal Picture of Sheep
Facts and information about sheep are very amazing and interesting. In above picture two sheep are doing a funny comedy and one sheep placed her front paws on other and trying to reach her food. What a fantastic and amazing picture of sheep. 

Most Amazing Animal Kangaroo’s PictureMost Amazing Animal Kangaroo’s Picture
Kangaroo is most amazing animal due to its certain body characteristics. Kangaroo’s first legs are smaller than back legs. In above picture, a Kangaroo is swinging away another animal and creating an interesting scene. 

Most Amazing Animal Deer’s PictureMost Amazing Animal Deer’s Picture
In above picture a deer is feeding in grazing on a stream bank. This amazing and beautiful picture can be used for high definition wallpaper for decorations.

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