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Al Khalid, Tank

Al-Khalid Tank of Pak Army

The word “Al Khalid” stands for Al Khalid tank produced by joint venture Pakistan and China. Al Khalid is MBT-2000 tank is a modern main battle weapon developed during 1990s by Pakistan and China. This tank has been in service with the Pak army since 2001. Al Khalid tank is best one tank worldwide due to its dynamic features. In short it is the pride of Pak army. Operating by a crew of three, 125 mm smooth-bore tank gun reloaded automatically, a modern fire control system and capability of firing many types of anti-tank rounds as well as guiding anti-tank missiles are the most unique features of Al Khalid tank. Few other particulars of the Al Khalid tank are;

Main Particulars of Al-Khalid Tank
Type:                      Main battle tank
Produced by:        Pakistan and China by joint venture
In Service:            2001 and continue
Manufacturing:    Heavy Industries Taxila, Pakistan.
Models:                Al-khalid, Al-khalid I, Al-khalid II, Type 90-IIM, MBT-2000, VT-1A,
Measurements:   Weight 46 tons, Length 10.07 m, Width 3.50 m, Height 2.40 m
Firing Guns:         125 mm smoothbore gun, 39 rds
Engine:                  KMDB 6TD-2 6-cylinder diesel 1,200 hp (890 kW)

Al-Khalid Tank, Pak Army Wallpapers
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