Beautiful Pictures of Roza e Rasool 720x503 px

Today we are posting 20 beautiful pictures of Roza e Rasool (S.A.W) in this post. Roza e Rasool madina is a heart touching place for Muslims community. The last prophet of Allah Hazrat Muhammad PBUH founded the first Muslim state in Madina and ruled for 10 years approximately. The grave of this great person of the history is in Madina called “Roza e Rasool”. The purpose of this post is to explore this beautiful place of the earth. 20 beautiful pictures of Roza e Rasool given in the post are in different dimensional sizes and in high quality resolutions.

Beautiful Pictures of Roza-e-Rasool Madina
Every Muslim has spiritual relation with this beautiful place and he wants to have the beautiful pictures, photos, wallpapers or backgrounds based on Roza e Rasool to decorate his room, desktop and mobile screens. So we feel this necessity of people and collected and posted 20 beautiful pictures of Roza e Rasool, PBUH on this page. Following  pictures gallery helps us to understand why is the Medina is important to Muslim. Let see the pictures gallery below….

Pictures Gallery